The Lost Islands of Xogulano


The secrets of the islands of Xogulano have been kept from the world, but I feel that now is the time for them to be known. In sharing my research I take a risk with my professional reputation, but as a scientist I believe it is my duty to share knowledge.

Despite the title of this post these islands were never really lost, they simply have a habit of vanishing. Once every few years the islands drop beneath sea level and are barely visible. A few rocky outcrops may remain, occasionally a tree, but no more. People on surrounding islands have many superstitions about how and why Xogulano chooses to drop into the ocean, and it is these superstitions that lead people to hide the existence of Xogulano. Another reason is that Xogulano is thought to contain many natural treasures and the bones of mythical creatures.

Xogulano has endemic animals and vegetation, existing nowhere else and highly adapted to amphibious life. Trees, mammals and insects are all abundant on the island, and all survive the semi-aquatic existence. It took years of research to find the islands (they are not shown on any map) and now I am recording what I find.

I am unable to use a camera on Xogulano, all electrical equipment fails due to strong electrical currents that spread across the earth, so I can only send you my drawings of some of the flora and fauna. However, as I am bringing to you the first evidence of this wonderful land, I assume you will forgive those shortcomings.

In this post are a few plants I have discovered on the island. Using my extensive botanical knowledge I shall attempt to explain their nature.


This aroid-like plant appears to uncurl its leaves in the manner of a fern, however the leaves never fully open. I believe this plant has a symbiotic relationship with vicious squirrels that I often find living in the ‘crook’ of the leaves. These squirrels become loud, furious and aggressive whenever I approach the plant and are clearly effective at deterring predators.

plants 9 - Copy (4)
Nessie Plant

header nessie

I have informally named this succulent the Nessie plant. Most plants have hormones strongly affected by gravity which enables them to grow up towards the light (or occasionally away from it). However, the Nessie plant has no interest in gravity, it can grow in any direction and it has an impressive knack of bursting out of rock. These attributes mean it can leap frog its way around a landscape unchecked.

I shall be sharing more of my discoveries from the island of Xogulano very soon.

Dr Florence



25 thoughts on “The Lost Islands of Xogulano

  1. I want more! These pieces of yours are fascinating. Thinking a novel about Dr. Florence’s adventures and discoveries would be great!


  2. This was a very enjoyable read. I really love the tone and the impression it gives of the doctor exploring this strange new environment and speculating about it. The viscious squirrils living in the leave and protecting the plants is such a great image!

    Liked by 1 person

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