Normal Service Will Be Resumed…

Random fish

To any of you lovely people who’ve been following me and to anyone who happens to stumble through here, lost on the way to somewhere else: I’m going to take two weeks off from blogging; from writing, reading and commenting. I’ll be back on the 6th of May.

For the past few months I’ve been blogging a fair amount and now I need some time to do a final edit of a novel I’m writing (ooh get me, writing a novel, how original). Plus, I suspect that writing the BI blogs has been taking a bit of a toll – I lost my temper at work last week (I screamed loudly at an annoying orchid and scared the crap out of everyone, who thought I was hurt), and that’s not a route I want to go down.

So anyway, I’m going to take two weeks away from here, during which I’ll have a few days in Dublin (woohoo!) and then I’ll be back to finish the Islands of Xogulano story, write some more BI blogs, plus add a few stories.

Until then, I hope you stick around. Pull up a chair, have a perusal of old stories if you fancy, and I’ll see you soon.

Love inkbiotic (aka P. Jacob)



14 thoughts on “Normal Service Will Be Resumed…

  1. Enjoy your break and take the time you need to recharge and refuel – it’s equally important to “fill the well” when one has been working so hard – and – to also allow for the projects nearest and dearest – a novel? Maybe not original in process – but undoubtedly unique because it comes from you. Have a great one – and hope the orchid understood, you didn’t mean it. Most plants are very tolerant and forgiving.

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  2. Yes, it’s nice to take a break from blogging ( and the internet in general) sometimes. Been feeling the need to have a little breath of fresh air myself. Hope you enjoy the away time, and that you return feeling refreshed.

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  3. Be kind to yourself beloved, then you will find the world and all who dwell here with you much easier to live with.
    {{{giggle}}} did you say you will be back blogging by today? 😀

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