Words of Inspiration for the Inept

There are many inspirational quotes and posters online, but for me they never quite cover the actual situations I find myself in. So I’ve been putting together some motivational posters for the inept and somewhat cynical. This is first, hopefully it will make sense to someone other than me…


17 thoughts on “Words of Inspiration for the Inept

  1. Motivational posters for the inept and somewhat cynical — it’s what the world has been waiting for! (Well, me, at any rate …) This is a witty way of saying Don’t start what you can’t finish.

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      1. Ha! nope, at least we’re in great company 😉

        And of course, there is the “fun” aspect of also recognizing it all, and finding the means and ways of turning it sideways, nonetheless. 🙂

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  2. This one is sort of a statement of the law of unintended consequences and also the “be careful what you wish for… it may come true!” law, which may be the same as the L.U.C., come to think of it!

    Just to add a bit to your cynicism, why is there no word “ept” in the English language? Could it be because no one has achieve it? Kind regards, MSOC

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    1. On occasion I use the word ept. It may not strictly be a proper word, but language is a living, changing thing right? You my friend have ept, I have tentative eptness, the wilds of the ept stretch out before us like a landscape of hope. 🙂

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