Secret Books of the Freemasons


I’m not sure I’m supposed to post these, so if I vanish, then please send for help.

My dad is something of a hoarder of oddness and when I visited him last week he gave me these strange pamphlets that he found in a second hand bookshop in Birmingham, sixty-five years ago.

Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia


They are a series of booklets from the Rosicrucian Society of Freemasons, dated 1918. They outline the rules for joining and how to carry out rituals. So far I’ve found no mention of sacrificing children to the Gods or starting the Apocalypse, although I haven’t finished reading them yet. Mostly they emphasise the need to be a good person and to acquire wisdom. They reference a few different religions (Jewish, Catholic and Christian) but there’s also numerology in there (11 is an evil number, ‘an omen of defeat or death’; 10 is the ‘most sublime as it contains the monad…and Zero a symbol of chaos’) and references to the importance of science.





25 thoughts on “Secret Books of the Freemasons

  1. some ex-Masons would say they praise Lucifer over Christ but that is mainly for the more high-tiered one. I believe if any spiritual organisation was open and honest they would open their doors to everyone. No need for purile secrets.
    The other thing is praising Nature as God and not God as nature. While Christianity is not perfect it states God through Christ as important because he shows us how to walk while misinformed secret mumbo jumbos only know how to talk. To many idiots stirring the broth. The good thing is if there was a grain of truth to it then there is more than a grain of truth to God through Christ. All nature. I don’t pray to trees.

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    1. Lucifer over Christ eh? I don’t think that’s in any of the books!
      I guess the secrecy of it is a big part of the thrill for members, feeling exclusive and better than others – that what makes me wary I think. I don’t understand what you mean by nature as God or God as nature, what’s the difference? I think you’re right about a faith that teaches behaviour, rather than ceremony or words for the sake of speaking, but then I’m not religious, so I guess it’s not up to me.

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  2. The Free Masons? A huge and richly intriguing and rewarding subject that can merit lifetimes of study ….. some of the world’s most influential and important and “advanced” geniuses were Free Masons.

    As for “words” – it’s all about interpretations and how one chooses to “wield” power and influence …. wherein the troubles begin and lie.

    But in theory – like most “idealistic” principles …. the base constructs are sound …. so indeed, truly fascinating that you have these in your hands …..

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      1. “important” being in the eyes of the beholder ….. in no particular order: George Washington, Ben Franklin, Mozart, da Vinci, Galileo …. you should do a google search and you’ll see a very broad expanse of people, men, from all walks of life, who were/are part of this “society” ….

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      2. the people …. the ones who had the ideas – genius in their own right …. travel as far back as you can if looking for “notables” – that’s where the roots lie.


      3. LOL – nope, being a woman and all …. but I have a long standing interest and curiosity in this group, as well as the Crusades, the Rosicrucians, etc. Lots of “interlinking/crossing” with all of this – and some of the most interesting people were involved in all of this – and there are some amazing books out there – from the “historical” to the fictional; it’s “occultish” – mystical, filled with symbolism and mystery, cryptography, codes, conspiracy theories. …. so it’s just curious to me.


  3. Fascinating! I’ve never seen anything like this in a book shop. What a rare find!
    It’s funny that they see 11 as an evil number…i used to see that number everywhere! ( you know, the whole 11:11 thing. Now i’m always seeing 555, and loads of 7’s. It’s very interesting how many different -and contradictory-numerological interpretations are out there. I think i prefer personal significance 😉 )
    Ooh, how i want a huge collection of odd and/or rare books.

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    1. A collection of weird and wonderful books would be great. I need to make friends with someone rich but with eclectic tastes.
      Personal numerology is definitely better than taking on someone else’s rules. In Riddled with Senses there’s a character who has built her entire life around her own numerology rules, and it’s an idea that’s always appealed to me. 🙂

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      1. 😀 I tried the chanting, but a little voice kept muttering sarcastically alongside me ‘oh sure, you can, right! You’re just hours away from riches, oh yes’.
        Pesky imps that live in my bookcase, they spoil all my dreams.

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      2. I’ll get working on it, I have a saw, nails, some crackers, duct tape and a socket set, I’ll see what I can do.
        (Incidentally, I just this minute worked out that it isn’t ‘duck tape’ but ‘duct tape’ that’s my achievement for the day)

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      3. That may work!
        Aww, I’ve always thought “duck tape” sounds cute. It puts me in mind of ducks putting together a mixtape for their friends. I wonder what kinda music ducks would be into? Probably progressive metal.

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