I’ve not been so chatty…

I know I’ve not been very chatty recently, I don’t want anyone to think that I’m ignoring them, or not interested in blogging anymore. Like I’ve said before, I’m working on an all-consuming project at the moment and it’s difficult to drag myself out of that and focus on something else. Also, I just realised a big flaw in the book I wrote, so I’m trying to rework that too. Give it a few weeks, and it should all be back to normal.

It’s probably a bit daft to write a post like this, but while I’ve not met any of the posters whose blogs I follow, some of you I feel I know well enough to think of as friends, and I don’t want you to feel ignored or unappreciated.

Anyway, I will try and keep up reading and posting, but if I get a bit slack please be patient.

And here is a picture of a praying mantis.


Praying Mantis


37 thoughts on “I’ve not been so chatty…

  1. Thanks for the update; it’s good to know all is well with you. I’m excited about your big project, so please, keep on keepin’ on. Muses need attention to keep them happy… πŸ™‚

    Love the praying mantis, too!

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  2. It is good to be focused. When you are on a roll you need to go with it and not get diverted. Beautiful Mantis with those colours. There are only green ones in our garden. It must come from somewhere exotic.

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    1. I love em! The way they follow you with their steady gaze, so calm yet ready to destroy. That probably hasn’t assuaged your fears, has it? πŸ˜‰

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  3. Take all the time you need – what needs work and time is what needs work and time – and no sense in spreading yourself too thin – just makes for exhaustion and extreme bitchiness breeding resentment. So work/play away as needs, interests must …. we’ll still be here and around when you pop in, for short bursts or longer moments, – friend – 😁

    and so many have commented: great drawing – refreshing and intense!

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  4. Yes, putting your creative work first is what matters, but it is lovely to take the time to explain. You’re a favourite blogger ‘friend’ of mine. I found myself using a praying mantis for a metaphor where my leading lady is surreptiously watching her antagonist. My favourite bug has to be the bumbling bumble bee

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  5. Sometimes trying to maintain an internet presence can become overwhelming…. it’s massively time consuming…espesh when you’re trying to live a LIFE, and get stuff done! No need for explanations; totally understand! ( but of course we appreciate them all the same πŸ™‚ )
    Happy creative productivity to you!
    Oh- and lovely praying mantis! They’re amazing little creatures, and this drawing is so vibrant. Lovely lines, too.

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      1. Oh, i’ve been boring…so i won’t bore you with that, haha. With any luck i’ll liven up at some stage! But anyhoo, good to see you’ve been feeling productive and creative! πŸ™‚

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  6. I’ve been wondering these days. ‘Where is Inkbiotic? Where did she go? What is keeping her away?”

    Vola! Here is the answer. Thanks for this post. Now I know you’re fine and doing well. I missed you.

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    1. Aw thank you Booky, yes I’m still around, and given a bit of time I’ll be back to blogging properly again. I hope you’re doing well, take care of yourself πŸ™‚

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