Day 4120 in the Big Brother House

final eye.png

Day 4120 in the big brother house. They won’t let us sleep again.  Every time we start to drop off, they blare a klaxon horn and we all have to get up and start dancing. Becky collapsed, I was too scared to go to her. We need these food rations, another week eating just dried crackers is going to make us sicker. I’m not sure, we’ve got no way of checking, but I think we’ve all got scurvy, that’s why we’re so weak. Strange lesions have started to appear on my arms as well, I asked to see a doctor in the Diary Room last week, but no matter how many times I pleaded, the perky voice just tried to get me to talk about Hannah. It kept goading me to say something bitchy, and in the end I had to call her a ‘sow faced trollop’ just to be able to go back to the house.

Then Becky got called into the diary room. Her face was all twisted up in terror, looking at us pleading, but what could we do? She gets it the worst, I don’t know why they pick on her, maybe it’s because she made such a fuss when we first came in, she’d throw a tantrum over every little stupid thing they’d made her do, she was good telly. Now they take every chance to torment her, she cries herself to sleep at night, sometimes she wakes up screaming, and we can’t stop her; sometimes I don’t even try, she’s got reason to scream.

She didn’t come back in, but a screen opened up in the lounge, and we could see Becky, sitting on a stool, her eyes were red and wild, like they wanted to burst out of her head. She was wearing that stupid green lycra suit, so we know she was wired up to get electric shocks. They started playing Living La Vida Loca over and over at full blast, while she had to search through some cards to find the answers to trivial pursuit questions that flashed up on a screen. If she got one wrong, or took to long to answer then they sent a hundred volts through her spine. There was no reason to it, there never is, it was just about humiliating her, and trying to get us all to turn on her when she got it wrong. By the end she couldn’t stop sobbing long enough to even try and answer the question, she just curled up in a ball no the floor while they shocked her, over and over.

I can’t remember why I ever signed up to this, but I would chew off my own arm just to get my life back, just to be able to take a walk in the sunshine or to read a book. I don’t know if those things will ever happen again. In the beginning we would tell ourselves ‘It’s only a gameshow’, but we know now, this is no game, and understanding that is what will get us out. They think they’ve broken us, but we’ve got a plan. Not that we can ever talk about it out loud, but we’ve got good at silent communication, good at noticing when they aren’t around, at understanding the weak points in the walls. Little bits of information that we share through tiny gestures and glances. We’ll get out soon, I promise you that. Keep watching.

14 thoughts on “Day 4120 in the Big Brother House

  1. I can’t bear these voyeuristic programmes like BB, and so many inane game shows routinely require ritual humiliation, so this bleak glimpse into a possible near future is almost too credible. I like the way you ratchet up the tension before holding out a faint glimmer of hope at the end.

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    1. Thank you, always lovely to hear from you! I can see the appeal in reality shows (I like people watching) but the cruelty element has always bothered me and puts me off watching. It seems to increase as time goes on too.

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  2. Holy shit harrowing, but this hooks you from the first sentence. It reminded me of this book I read in high school, House of Stairs, about how conditioning people. Absolutely messed up, but scarily not that far fetched considering what “reality TV” is like now.

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    1. I like to be harrowing occasionally 😉 I got the impression that reality TV in the US is a bit more based on personalities rather than just humiliating contestants, is that right? Your Big Brother sounds more about tactics between players, which I don’t think ours has.

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      1. All our thoughts and sympathies are with you at this time 😦 We, on the other hand, have a malfunctioning robot for a prime minister :[ I’m not sure how we all ended up like this!

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  3. Your story is a very perceptive depiction of reality TV shows like BB. I like that the participants have been there for 4120 days (over 11 years) and are only beginning to make an escape plan after being tortured for so long! Reality TV is so manipulative I find such programs torture to watch. Your story is much more enjoyable.

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    1. Thank you, I’m always happy to provide alternative entertainment! I think this is one of those stories I’d like to take a bit further, explore all that time in the house, how they became institutionalised by it, how they realised it wasn’t ending – I don’t think it would be a very joyful story though…

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