Backwards Daffodils


Mrs Wrench nearly tripped over her own Jimmy Choo’s in her hurry to get outside.

“Er, Matthew!” she said, voice shrill with delighted indignation.

“Yes, Mrs Wrench,” said Matthew looking up from the box hedge he was pruning, his back creaking with effort.

“I believe I told you I didn’t want any purple in the garden!”

“Purple? There isn’t any purple,” said Matthew, looking about confused.

Mrs Wrench pointed to the Agapanthus that Matthew had recently picked up from the garden centre and potted into a huge urn.

“And what do you call that?” said Mrs Wrench, triumphantly.

“Blue?” said Matthew.

“I don’t think so! Get rid of it immediately, I won’t have purple in this garden.” Without another word she turned and marched back into the house.

“Well, that told him!” she announced to her husband as she walked past where he was reading the paper, he didn’t look up. “I mean, really!” she said to no interest whatsoever. Mrs Wrench stood glaring at the back of her husband’s head for a few moments and then went to the kitchen to look out to where Matthew was throwing the Agapanthus on the compost. She looked searchingly around the garden for issues. Then, she marched outside again,

“Matthew! Matthew!” she called, Matthew ambled over, a nervous look on his face that gave her a glow of contentment. “These daffodils,” she barked.

“Yes,” said Matthew, “I thought you liked yellow.”

“I do, I do like yellow, but they’re all facing the wrong way. When I look out of the window, all the flowers are facing into the garden, and I can’t see them properly.”

“Well, yes,” said Matthew, “they’re facing towards the sun.”

“It’s simply not good enough. I want you to dig them up and turn them around, so I can see them from the window. Understand?” The look of befuddlement on Matthew’s face was a joy to behold, and Mrs Wrench walked back inside with a spring in her step. She sat in her favourite armchair, took her phone out of her pocket and set the alarm for twenty minutes. Plenty of time for Matthew to do something wrong. She leaned back in her chair and smiled.


9 thoughts on “Backwards Daffodils

  1. Ha! We all know at least one person who loves finding fault with others, part of a power play where it doesn’t matter whether you’re wrong or right so long as you establish who’s boss. You have to hope against hope that she gets her comeuppance, and soon!

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    1. I wonder if she’d even realise, or would she be too self-important to notice, but her comeuppance would be delightful to see 🙂


  2. Really enjoyed your story. Some people think they are the centre of the universe and act like it. A classic crazy maker. It would be understandable if Mathew eventually put Mrs Wrench under the daffodils!

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  3. She’s so evil. I’ve dealt with a boss like her once. She made ridiculous demands and I felt like resigning just because of her. I survived though and instead of resigning I became more determined.

    She was frustrated by the way I kept working as though all the bullying didn’t affect me one bit.

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    1. I think that’s the only way you can deal with people like that, just not allow them to victimise you – takes real strength to do it though.


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