And the competition has begun!

 “Hot weather opens the skull of a city, exposing its white brain, and its heart of nerves, which sizzle like the wires inside a lightbulb. And there exudes a sour extra-human smell that makes the very stone seem flesh-alive, webbed and pulsing.”

―Truman Capote, Summer Crossing


Weather: apparently it’s summer now

Mood: everything is great

Word of the day: Cuniculous – full of holes and tunnels; full of rabbits (not a relevant word, this one. Just great.)

Me and Dan were both wearing shorts today, so Mike declared we had now joined the competition.

‘And I’ve got a day on you, so whenever I stop wearing shorts, you have to wear them the next day too,’ he said.

‘Ok,’ said Dan, ‘it’s on!’

‘What? No it’s not,’ said I. ‘I’m just going to wear shorts until it’s cold again.’

‘No, you’ve got to be in the competition,’ said Mike.

‘I really haven’t,’ I explained. Mike looked at me sad and bewildered so I felt guilty. But not so guilty I’m going to freeze my knees for weeks on end.

When I got home Neville was in the kitchen, I wondered if I should mention the plate full of bacon STILL sitting on the counter, but he was being so cheery and nice, I didn’t want to hassle him. And I was sort of wary it would turn into a monologue about food storage, so I grabbed a bag of Doritos and hid in my room.

Annoyingly the tomato ketchup I keep in my room seems to have vanished, so I couldn’t have sauce on my crisps. Which is odd, isn’t it? How could I have lost a bottle of ketchup?

(Update on the star tomorrow!)

11 thoughts on “And the competition has begun!

    1. An impeccable idea! Unfortunately it’s been three days that bacon has been sitting on the side and I suspect there are things living in it. I know you wouldn’t have let it get to that stage, but I snoozed! I snoozed and lost!


    1. Yes! It could be the first part of a coded message. Like one of those games with a series of pictures representing a phrase ( I don’t even know the name of the game). Well it’s recorded now. The first clue is ketchup. Or possibly ‘red’ or ‘sauce’. We shall see…

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      1. Best of luck! Even I believe it is a coded message. And about the competition, if you have to wear shorts in cold weather, you can always wear trousers on the top, or beneath if you are a super hero fan. Afterall nobody clarified HOW to wear shorts. 😀

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      2. Thank you, 🙂 the code is getting increasingly confusing!
        And an interesting idea about the shorts, you’d have fun running rings around Mike! Have you ever thought of becoming a gardener? 🙂
        I’m going to sit out this competition though, I think it will prove to be one of those games where I get sucked in further and further, going to greater and more ridiculous lengths to win. I’ve been down that road before and the ending is never pretty.

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      3. Hehe. I have one plant, an Aloevera, that often dries because I forgot to water it for days. So gardening may be a bad idea. 😁 Moreover in India, gardening is not a paying career so I will

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    1. Unfortunately that’s true in a lot of countries. Even here it isn’t appreciated enough, and they struggle to find enough people who want to do it as a career.
      Luckily your people skills are useful in many jobs. 🙂


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