ride on

Weather: pretty good

Mood: not bad

Word of the day: Bufflehead – a duck, an idiot (I feel this is rude to ducks)

I was out on the ride-on mowing the lawn again. I think I said before how much I love that, whizzing about making lovely straight lines (straightish, anyway). When I’d finished I had to clean out the mower, that means getting a blower out to clean off the grass, putting the huge bucket at the back up into the air to clean inside it. So I blew away all the grass and left it all sparkly and new in its cheery green and drove it into the shed.

The shed is only just larger than the mower, so you have to edge in around shelves full of junk and step ladders. But once I’d got the front end in, it stalled. I’ve not known it stall before. I started the engine again, there was a grinding noise, and I stalled again. I started to panic, tried one more time, it felt like I was stuck. Something beneath the wheels maybe? So I got out, walked out of the shed and realised the huge bucket was still up and had been in the process of ripping the roof off the shed. It hadn’t succeeded though, and no one had seen. So I put the bucket down and drove in, then crept away. All fine. There will be a point I get caught fucking up.

I also chickened out of calling the landlady today, and then hid and ate popcorn in my room, so I didn’t have to face the others. Still not sure how to play this.

20 thoughts on “D’oh!

  1. I would have eaten the bread stick and told the others I have an anxiety disorder and would be the worst choice to have a talk with the land lady, so I’m not doing it and to choose someone else.

    Of course, she may have broken your lap top…

    I dont know what to advise. Get drunk and challenge her to a fight? Wait in ambush and when she violates privacy spring out and give her a vicious wedgie?

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    1. Hmm, why do I think that your suggestions to get drunk and give wedgies have more to do with what’s funny, than what’s wise? 😛 But then again, funny is always good, right? Funny makes the world go round.


  2. We all fuck stuff up and anyone that says they don’t is a liar and unworthy of your attention. As for the landlady… Mmm. Could you fit a lock to your door and wait for her to ask you why you’ve done it? Oh, and tell the others you need more support!

    Oh, and P.S. I’ve just discovered that Daddies sauce is made by HP Foods! My life is in shreds…

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    1. Oh my God, could it be a fake bottle? I mean, surely Daddies is made by actual daddies. I hope you can make it through this difficult time, sending you healing vibes ~~

      The lock is a good idea, although it might be tricky without damaging the door. I shall look into it.

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      1. I’d be careful about installing a lock. Not sure what the rules are there, and not sure if it applies to a bedroom door, but changing a lock here can get you in trouble. You have like a day or two to give them a copy of the key. Again, not sure what applies when it comes to locks inside the house.

        P.S. I installed a rugged front door, keyed door knob on my bedroom many moons ago when my brother had a drug issue and kept ‘borrowing’ my things.


    2. COLIN, I AM SO SORRY! I just did what I do way too often, which is go to reply, press shift and T to start, but my fingers choose control and T instead and trashes the message. Except now it isn’t even showing up in the trash bin so I can’t restore it. Grr.
      Really, I just shouldn’t be allowed near things. Your comment made me lol though (you said you were shocked that Mars Bars came from Slough, which is a great image, Slough and Mars should be twinned.) 🙂

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  3. Hmm, yes, good point. My God this is all very complicated. I think I’ll get a tiger to keep in my room. Problem solved!


  4. I m a forgetful person too and it puts me in a lot of trouble. ☺️
    The tiger idea looks great except for minor worries like where you would live and who it will eat. I hope he eats the landlady and saves you from the difficult conversation. 😋 Best of luck!
    Tell your landlady you like chocolates too so she should leave you some next time she is visiting.

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    1. Yummy landlady lunch for the tiger! 😀 I shall give her the option to bribe me with chocolates first, of course, it’s only fair! 🙂


    1. I know you’re right, best to get it over with, but it’s been a troublesome day, so I might delay…I’m glad NO ONE saw the mower incident!


  5. Why exactly don’t you want to call her? Are you scared that she will become rude and unpleasant? What exactly can she do to you ?

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    1. My concerns: I say something stupid/ rude and she kicks me out of the flat. I have a tendency to say dumb things, you see?


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