Have mystical forces kept me away?

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‘Oooh eerie mystical doom.’ Kurt Cobain

Word of the day: odology  –  science of the hypothetical mystical force of od (not heard of this before and there doesn’t seem to be much information online. Anybody know about it?)

I haven’t written for a really long time now (it may only be weeks) and I’ve not been sure why. Every time I’ve picked up my still-broken laptop, held together with tape and a rubber band, my mind has been a void. Until now, I put this down to general apathy. Stuff has happened, my life has been fine, but I couldn’t think of a single reason why anyone else would want to read about it.

Then today it came to me, someone must be out to stop me and has put a block on me communicating with you, a spell. There have been clues: odd looks in the street, strange dreams, and I shut my finger in the gate which made the nail turn purple. I’ve seen people in my town (by which I mean the bit of London I live in) handing out cards offering to put spells on people for a reasonable fee, so the means are there.

Not sure about motive though. Was I in danger of stumbling on a truth? Did my seemingly innocuous posts about mowing troubles and landlady drama leave clues to a deeper conspiracy? I agree it’s unlikely, but so many things that happen are unlikely, so let’s not dismiss anything yet.

Anyway, for now the spell appears to have lifted and I’m back.

Other events: Mike has been making demands that we find money for the drinks fund (we use it when we go out drinking together). Since we work around rich people, they often drop tenners in the shrubs without noticing. Until today all I’d found was an out of date fiver, but this morning I was able to present Mike with a crisp twenty rupee note. He didn’t seem pleased.

And management have proudly told us that in a few weeks we will be saying goodbye to the rats and grime and moving into a new messroom [Hooray!] with them in the same building [Shit]. I don’t dislike our management as individuals, but as a group they like to sit around in silence being clean, speaking only when they need to bitch at each other. Gardeners aren’t really like that and I can see there being a clash. Still, we’ll see.

Anyway, sorry for neglecting you all, I’m looking forward to catching up on your blogs…

24 thoughts on “Have mystical forces kept me away?

    1. I also worry that WordPress unfollows me from people for no reason, it can be a sneaky site! Thank you for visiting, and I’m glad to be back 😀


      1. WordPress unfollowed you for me. I noticed today. I was very confused. Have refollowed. Maybe I had a spell put on me that made me unfollow you and then forget? I do have a neighbour that hates me…..and i’m Fairly certain he’s friends with Satan or something/someone powerful.

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      2. Shit! The spell is spreading! Have people been looking at you oddly in the street? That’s a definite sign. Don’t let it stop you writing. I’m sorry to hear about the hateful neighbour, have you tried giving him/her a banana? Look after yourself, the world is becoming treacherous.


      3. I always get odd looks so it’s nothing new to me. today I was out collecting branches and logs (to make perches for birds to put near the garden feeder) and people gave me odd looks because well to be fair I had a big bag of…. Branches and logs….. I wonder what nickname I might get….

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      4. Twiggy? Glad to hear you’re looking after the birds and that I’m not the only one getting weird looks.


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