Air rescue!


We were sitting on lunch today, Mike was catching me up on Love Island (I don’t watch it, but his descriptions are always funny) when we heard a huge wap-wap-wap sound, and a load of leaves blew in as if they were trying to escape from something.

‘It’s a helicopter!’ shouted Mateo. So we all ran out to the lawn where an ambulance helicopter was landing.

We gave it some space, figuring they had bigger things to worry about than curious gardeners, but then the managers ran out of the office and across the grass shouting ‘You don’t have a permit to park there!’

Moments later there were police banging at our front gate demanding to be let in, they all ran past in a group like the keystone cops. After a few moments they worked out that the injured person was somewhere else and all ran back out again, shouting ‘Sorry!’ as they went.

Apparently there was an accident on the road outside and traffic in London is so intense that they couldn’t get an ambulance through, so they parked in our park.

Anyway, the managers might have been unhappy, but we thought it was great, the wind from the blades cleared the last of the winter leaves from under the trees. Hopefully they got the injured person to hospital on time too (we always try to find out the outcome of accidents and emergency dramas, but never succeed.)

Otherwise a fairly routine day, drove around a bit, tried to fend off residents asking me impossible questions, had some ridiculous conversations with colleagues, dug up some weeds. How was your day?

12 thoughts on “Air rescue!

    1. Not exactly, we have gardens and properties around London, and the managers work in our offices. In the winter we pick up billions of leaves, and prune occasionally. The work never really stops! But it IS fun.

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  1. My day was not as exciting as yours, though being in the Brecon Brecon we frequently have helicopters and transport planes chuntering up and down the valley. We have paragliders from the Black Mountains landing in the field by the river, does that match up to a rescue helicopter? I think possibly not…

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    1. Paragliders sound quite exciting, do they ever land in the river by the field? That would be very dramatic, and possibly dangerous.


    1. Hey! I’m eating Oaties and drinking whisky right now! If you’ve also spent the day lazing around watching Brooklyn 99 an having naps, then we are the same person 🙂


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