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I’ve mentioned that recently we moved to a fancy new messroom at work, and I think I  talked about our high tech fridge. It has an LED that says the temperature and the date, I get the relevance of the temperature, but the date seems unnecessary. It also makes a high-pitched squealing noise whenever the door is open, I’m not sure why since it’s got one of those doors that thunks closed if you let go of it.

Anyway, now the LED is broken and the high-pitched noise has become annoyingly erratic. Sometimes it comes on when you open the door, sometimes it comes on when you turn on the tap and sometimes it squeals continuously for an hour in a fit of pique. Luckily, unlike the chairs designed to tip you off and the clock that won’t set to the actual time, this affects the managers, so it will get fixed soon.

And speaking of the clock, a few readers suggested the exciting idea that the wrong times it kept setting to were coordinates, that would lead me to an inter-dimensional portal or some such (I can’t remember the details now, I might be making this up). So I tried setting it to see what time it moved to. It’s satellite connected, so no dial, I simply pressed the button, the hands whizzed round for a bit and then hung limply, twitching. I may have to accept that I’m not being sent important messages from another dimension, it’s just crap technology. This new messroom is falling apart.

27 thoughts on “Entropy!

  1. As a regular time traveller and hearing of your clock situation, I suggest you keep a pair of shoes heading towards the door. One day and with a twinkle in your eye, you may just catch a moment of leaving without remembering how you got out of the door.

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    1. Oooh, I like that idea, I shall put some shoes out tomorrow. Please can I ask, how did your time travelling adventures start? Do you have a machine?

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      1. Not sure when it started, but it happens a lot more the older I get. I’ve been known to walk into a room with the object I had forgotten I went out of the room to fetch, not quite remembering the travel but it was more than likely amazing. It’s a grand place to be in this future I hoped to be in many years ago.


      2. I hope you get to remember the travelling soon, it seems a shame to have adventures and not be able to access them. Everything feels like the future now, technology is whizzing away from me at speed.


      3. I can almost sense it, the shoes in the doorway tapping, the Earth spinning, the hairy butterfly. All of time is calling…

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  2. I think the date and time on the refrigerator LED was to help you mark the contents of bottles and bowls to keep track how long they were inside. Guess that doesn’t matter now that the LED is busted.
    The clock may be reacting to paranormal activity in the building., or just busted too.

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    1. Well, both those things make perfect sense. Presumably the LED is reacting to the same supernatural presence.


  3. Are they twitching or merely waiting? Maybe I was wrong with the co-ordinate thing. maybe they’re just pointing at the portal – makes sense it shifts about a bit. Our fridge often makes a whining noise when I open the door – although, in honesty, that is mostly because I have just dropped yoghurt on the floor – and as every one knows where x = yoghurt pot and y = kitchen floor, the contents of x (irrespective of volume) will always cover y (irrespective of size) with some left over for treading up the stairs. Our fridge does not have an LED, although I think it may just have appealed to the court of frigerated unit rights. It does have a light that comes on when you open the door – or would do, if I changed the bulb…

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    1. See, your fridge sounds like a proper fridge, a healthy fridge. It’s probably white, rather than chrome. Maybe it has fridge magnets stuck on it. The work fridge is a *show* fridge, it screams: I cost lots of money! Just like the fancy clock.

      But like the show gardens at Chelsea, you put them in the real world and they don’t work. They die, they fall apart, they squeal incessantly. It’s an offense to my nature. I want function over form!

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    1. That’s true, we tend to sit outside if it isn’t raining and the office staff all laugh at us, but outside is so HUGE it spread across the world, and that’s good 😀

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      1. Love the positivity! 😁 I used to eat in lawn during winters in college days and even when work allowed enough time. I loved the sunshine. Now I don’t have a lawn to sit in…

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      2. Thanks for the offer! 😀 I would love to meet you in person. But with the amount of money it takes to travel to UK, I can buy a small park here in India 😁.

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      3. Sadly true. Amazing that these days we can chat online so easily though. I wish I could put an open green space on my blog where people could come and sit. I’d have iced fruit juice, a big blanket and cake! You’d always be welcome there 🙂

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