When I walked in this morning, Mateo was holding this little guy, still wriggling in his fingers. I thought it was a wasp, but he insisted, no, it’s  fly pretending to be a wasp. He let the poor thing go eventually.


Accidentally snapped a flowering gladiolus today. I didn’t have anywhere to throw it away to and my hands were full of curb key and hose, so I stuck the flower in my pocket.


This gave me an eighties flashback to Morrissey (for anyone who won’t know about this, which may be most people, here’s a pic)

And I had to wail ‘You’re the one for me, fatty!’ at the sky.

This blog is just aimless rambling really.

17 thoughts on “Mimics

    1. Lupins-a-lovely! Morrissey was always said to carry gladiolas, but when I tried to find a good picture, he was there with daffodils, hyacinths, japanese knotweed and of course liverworts. Shame he’s a racist or we might have got along.
      Wait, were YOU a 1970s punk poet?

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  1. Hey! This looks like a European Hornet. Wasps I have seen so far are usually more sleek, like racing bikes. This one more like a Bullet bike. 😁

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  2. Tiz a Hornet mimic hoverfly, I think. Love the colours, it’s beautiful! I think I’ve only ever seen one myself.

    Oh, and aimless rambling blogs are usually the most interesting. I know so… I’ve read and written a few of them 😉

    – Phil

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    1. You’re absolutely right it is! I love his red eyes.
      And I’m glad you like to read and write rambling blogs. I know I enjoy it when other people ramble, taking a pleasant walk through their thoughts, seeing the sights, with no pressure to get to the end 🙂


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