Hey la day la the mice are back


No pressure.

The mice are back, so Mike spent lunchbreak with his feet up on the bench shouting. But look at the little fella, isn’t he just adorbs! The other two were quite cute too, although Mike’s sinister claim that they’ll ‘Get bigger, they start out all small, but they’ll get bigger,’ may lead to issues over space.

mousey 2
Lurking mouse
Bold mouse


14 thoughts on “Hey la day la the mice are back

    1. It’s always tricky trying to understand someone else’s phobia, to see how even a picture can be scary. I’m glad your mum doesn’t read the blog though 😉

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      1. I almost had that happen once. It ran right across the top of my pillow.

        Then I would be eating breakfast every morning and just hear ‘pop’ ‘pop’ ‘pop’ as the traps went off. So glad I am out of that building!

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  1. Funny you should post this, I’ve just got two in my kitchen. They hide in the small room under the stairs. Nothing to but to kill them. I used to let them be but the bite, shit and piss on everything.
    Seeing a mouse in a trap with the eyes bulging out all blue isn’t a nice sight first thing in the morning.

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    1. When I first lived in a house with mice I went the humane live and let live, but they start to take over, next thing you know they’re dancing on your pillow when you’re trying to sleep. Good luck with yours, I hope they decide to move out without any deaths.

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