The rise of the robots

job 2

‘It’s the beginning of the end!’ wailed Mike. ‘You see, we’ll all be gone by Christmas. Unemployed!’

We all perked up at the thought.

Anyway, you’re wondering what’s happened to distress the usually calm and collected Mike. Our benevolent rulers have bought a robotic lawnmower. (Why the designers chose that name and not robomo, I can’t imagine.) Since Mike is our main mower, and as the oldest, gets a bit paranoid about losing his job (he has no need to, everyone loves him and our place of work would decay to a soulless husk within weeks without him) he sees the robomo as a direct threat.

‘Look at him, evil, lurking,’ said Mike as the happy little robot trundled along. The rest of us started making plans for googly eyes or deely boppers to decorate our new robot colleague, while Mike made plans for a terrible accident to occur. Our boss kindly informed Mike that this robot is not seen as a replacement, but as a way to free up our time for other gardening, but Mike isn’t convinced.

‘This is how it starts!’ he whispered to me.

Have any of you had to worry about automation taking your job?

When computers first started to get clever enough to do our jobs, they promised us a life filled with leisure instead of work. I don’t why that suddenly became Humans, you are obsolete! Keep out the way and starve quietly!

11 thoughts on “The rise of the robots

  1. Mikes right. This is how it starts. Robomo works without pay everyday and holidays and never gets sick or complains. But it will take a long to replace you guys. Id say 5 years or more. Robomo will fail and be replaced Xmas with Robomo-2.0.
    It will do a better job, but still not as good as you guys. Change is coming, but not yet. You guys are still the best.

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      1. Been through this myself. I am the key operator (go to person) for 200 + printer’s. But the tech is getting so smart the company has laid off 2 other people. I’m still here because I know how to connect users to equipment using software only I have and know how to use. Indispensable…for now.

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