All bow to our new robot masters…



I quite liked turning up to work this morning and seeing the robo mower trundling about, it’s like a pet. Myself and Dan tried playing with it for a while, standing in robo-mow’s way so that it turned around. But I guess it got annoyed, because then it started charging at our feet, little blades whirring away. Mike just shouts at it like it’s a disobedient dog (‘Go on! Get back in your hutch!’) or complains about its mowing skills (‘Look! It’s cut the grass too low!’ ‘It’s wrecked those edges!’) Mateo sneers at it, (‘You fuckin’ bastard!’)

While I do like the innocent nature of the robo-mow, I’m not sure it’s going to work out as a new member of our team. It has no method to its mowing, just trundles in a straight line until it hits something, then turns at any old angle and shuffles off. Such a random method takes ages to cut all the grass. That’s fine on a small, fairly regular patch of grass, but we need it to cut one of the huge, oddly shaped lawns that continue across paths. I’m not sure it would ever finish.

My plan is to see if I can retrain it as a robot dog. I’d enjoy the company while I’m working, and if any of the residents start to give me trouble, little pooch can scare them off. Not sure how to do this though, any ideas?

14 thoughts on “All bow to our new robot masters…

    1. I’m imagining a beautiful scene where K-9 and robomo run side by side through a field. But yes K-9 (toy or real) could teach young robomo to be a REAL dog. This should definitely be the new Disney film.

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  1. Hey a Robo Dog sounds like fun. You don’t even have to worry about holes in the garden, flee, ticks and the shots at the Vet’s. Just that it might be difficult to cuddle it. But everything has its downside Go for it, Petra!

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    1. I could train him to fetch a ball and come when I call him. I floated the idea of a robot dog at work and my colleagues were all fairly positive about the idea. 😀 Management might not be… 😦

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