Clickbait alert: This picture is misleading…


We spent lunch bickering over what to call Robomo. I suggested Lionel, while management liked Rob, but Dan clinched it by coming out with Momo.

In the afternoon, Jessica and I were working in a garden on a small side street. She was crossing the road to get to the van, when a Mercedes whizzed around the corner. She jumped out the way just in time. The driver stopped, wound down the window, and said cheerily,

‘Oh, don’t worry, I wouldn’t run you over, you do such a good job. The garden looks lovely!’

I feel sorry for all the people crossing the road who don’t do such a good job.

12 thoughts on “Clickbait alert: This picture is misleading…

      1. Let’s just say that I scared witless. I scrolled down the page pretty quick to avoid seeing it. Thankfully I was using phone so scrolling helped the cause. I couldn’t have dealt with that image on laptop

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  1. Momo is nice. BTW you should really consider wearing empty holsters… (Who needs guns if holsters could do the trick). People will then drive carefully around you then… Maybe even apologize for driving at all! 😂

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    1. Funnily enough, we do wear holsters, with secateurs in them, but maybe I should start wearing my pruning saw on my belt – it’s designed to hang down like a sword! Or have a pet tiger to walk with!

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