I want you to read my new book! But how?


Habromania – insanity featuring cheerful delusions (I’m fairly sure I have this, but I refuse to get it fixed.)

“And I for one would like to be the first to welcome our new alien overlords…”

The Simpsons

Some of you reading this will know I write books and stuff like that, and maybe you know I’ve written a new one. Well, it’s called Supernice. It’s gone to beta readers and the feedback is that it’s a good story, funny and gripping, so I like to think some of you would enjoy it.

It’s soft science fiction, the story of a bizarre alien invasion set in a sleepy seaside town in England. The plot centres around teenage Natasha and her dad Nick. They both want to do what’s right to survive, but end up on opposite sides of the battle. Meanwhile the aliens are laying down more and more rules, altering anyone who defies them by squashing their personalities so they behave.

I’m going to go the self-publishing route, but that will take time and fuss and I’m impatient, I want you to read it now! Especially since everyone is locked down and bored.


This is the problem, I want to make it available in a way that is enjoyable to read.

I could serialize it here. (I know some people do that very well (eg Samantha Henthorn with her Curmudgeon Avenue series, plus Random Walk with his intriguing science fiction) but I don’t think it’s something where you could miss a few chapters and pick it up again.

Would it be better to just stick up a little of it here and then send it to whoever wants to read it? (I can do PDFs and Mobis now, techno genius that I am). Or I could even stick it up on Smashwords in its slightly crude form (it’s getting a professional proofread now) and anyone could pick it up from there.

So what do you think? What makes it easiest for you to read a book? And would any of you be interested?

24 thoughts on “I want you to read my new book! But how?

  1. Yes! Yes! Well my serial has already been published and I don’t think I get the same readers week on week once I had started though I couldn’t stop! I will adopt whichever method you would like to send it to me (everyone should read!) Xx

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    1. It sounds like you enjoyed serialising it anyway 🙂 It seems like wordpress is being a git again, because I’m just seeing you as ‘someone’, with no link to a blog, so I can’t be sure who you are. Samantha?

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  2. First, thanks for the mention of my “wanna be” sci fi novel. I prefer an emailed PDF file. I have another blogger friend on SmashWords, and although I can download a free 10-12 page sample, I don’t see a “free” option. I went to purchase, but then I have to fill out a long form with all my info, so I stopped. I’ll get back to it of course, but then I need to retain all those passwords ‘n stuff…which I already have too many of. So…pdf file for me and I’ll read it today! Love reading about Aliens!!!

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    1. To be or wanna be, that is the question. 🙂 (I am inordinately proud of that joke, although it means nothing! Ok, Smashwords is out then. Having had a nosey, it looks like I can actually put a PDF on the website. Hmm.
      Thank you for wanting to read it! That will be excellent 😀

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      1. Oh, forget my nonsense. You’ve got the mental stamina to put together two books and get them published…as do a few other bloggers here on WordPress. I’m impressed! Do I get a PDF file so I can keep up?

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      2. I could swear I just replied to this… Anyway, yes, I’ll post up tomorrow when I’m all sorted and get a PDF to you 😀


    1. It varies wildly. And I find the breaks I take from writing are as important as the actual time spent writing. And you know, I feel daft answering a question like this, I don’t have much of a writing method 😉


  3. I would love to read it. You will have to bear with me for feedback though as I am a painfully slow reader with the tendency to read the same thing several times before moving on. Also, not great with IT, so I may need instructions 🙂

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    1. Hooray! I will keep it simple (because I struggle with complicated anyway). I’ll put up a post of info tomorrow. Think I have a plan that should work. I’m looking forward to you reading it 😀

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  4. I always prefer hard copy for my fiction, Petra, but hope you get a goodly response from those who like electronic reading. And you remind me that I’ve got one of your previous titles on a TBR shelf, which I feel a bit sheepish about for not picking it up sooner…


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