The world holds its breath

No relevance, just a calming photo

I haven’t written for a few days. With everything going on in the US with BLM protests and then protests in UK, it feels rude to chatter about 3-legged cats.

I’m not gone though. And I hope that any of you bloggers in the US, (I know Darnell Cureton, Boo and Shameful Narcissist are, so I hope they’re all ok) are safe. And I really hope that all this leads to change. The UK definitely has it’s problems with institutional racism in our police force, but the violence is so much less and there is usually some accountability. I’m a long way away and only get to see videos and pictures, but the shameless misuse of power by cops in the US looks terrifying.

Also, I got a call from my boss today. I’m back to work in a week and a half. I can’t pretend I’ve hated being off, laziness and isolation suit me fine, but I can’t wait to see my colleagues and to be outside with the plants all day. And it means I can stop doing proper exercises, like aerobics and all that bastardry. I’ve learned to tolerate it, but I would always rather be digging up something than leaping around to a perky presenter.

Stay safe everyone, love to all of you.

Unsinew  –  to take strength from

Ultrageous   –  violently extreme

20 thoughts on “The world holds its breath

  1. I have to tell you how much we here in the States appreciate the protests in solidarity in the UK and around the world. I too hope this finally leads to change.

    We’ve done it before… We did it when slavery was ended …when black men got the right to vote …when women got the right to vote …when the Civil Rights Act was passed …when Roe v. Wade was passed …when the Voting Rights Act was passed. We thought we would grow and get better from there. For a long time, it seemed like we did get better. We thought we were done.

    I guess it was all festering under whatever rock it had been mouldering under until 2010, when the GOP gave up any pretense of being anything but antithetical to the American Ideal of an equal America for everyone.

    We thought we were done… We were wrong.

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    1. I think with the human race the way it is, there will always be problems, and the fight for some kind of equality is going to be many many battles.

      It makes me sad, because I thought we were moving forward, not ok but in the right direction. Maybe that’s just because of the advantages I have though. Like everyone I’ve had some pretty big obstacle to get over, but there are so many problems that others face every day that I never will.

      Keep up hope though, keep the love strong. The more people believe we can make a better world, the more likely it will happen. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for the shout out Petra. I’m doing okay. No protests in my city, but I’m close to New York so I see a lot of local video footage of the chaos. Bad people are taking advantage of good protesters by causing damage and looting high-end stores.

    Glad you can get back to work, but who will watch over the foxes and stray cat? I appreciate you thinking of us over here. I can unsinew the words you posted. It does help. Thanks.


    1. 😀 Glad to hear you’re doing ok. There will always be a few people who see a chance to cash in, and I know how frustrating it is when the media chooses to focus on those rather than the peaceful demonstrators. But the world is seeing at least some of the truth and I hope that helps too.
      Stay safe!


    1. …maybe I’ll bring it up in my next blog post. I haven’t been blogging either…waaaayyy to distracted. Solution? Turning off the news (not burying my head in the sand) and focus on what I can control…my own garden…my own space…

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      1. Maybe you need to escape into the sand for a bit, have a holiday! It doesn’t look like the chaos is going to end anytime soon. 🙂

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    2. I think cynicism around protests tend to focus on the idea that a single protest should lead to a direct change. That’s not how it works. Change tends to be a slow build, with a few events contributing to unrest, to communities building in their anger. Then it often seems like actual change comes suddenly and unexpectedly. But without the building feeling and the protests it never would have happened.

      I too am hugely cynical about corporations and the power they have. But there’s always been a small number of deeply shitty people with too much power, and change HAS happened over the centuries. I don’t know if it will happen this time, but I’d rather live in a world where people keep fighting and failing than a world where everyone has given up.

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  3. Hey Petra, the news about racism was terrifying. In India, Muslims are facing more of the same–The open persecution, mob lynching for ‘cow slaughter’, police breaking and entering on the pretext of search for ‘terrorists’, killing muslims in mock ‘riots’ (how come only 4 hindus die and several hundred muslims go missing and are found in drains, and 10,000 muslims lose their home?)

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    1. That sounds awful Shaily, I hope you’ve been able to keep safe. Who do you think is causing it? Is it ordered by the government or is it racism within the police?

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      1. Both Petra. The current government is Anti-Muslim, in fact they are anti-anything-not-Hindu. Attacks on other religions are common now. Educated people are being attacked–those who are trying to rise above their current status…bright students preparing for Civil Services Exams, families of army personnel,

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      2. And public in random. All thus is synchronised by the ruling party and carried out by Police or people posing as Police or Hindu goons (wannabe leaders) working as Moral police

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      3. I’m so sorry. Thank you for explaining it to me. I’m never going to understand how humanity can be so incredibly smart and capable of such amazing things, and still total shit bags for nonsense reasons. Like life isn’t difficult enough that we have to invent reasons to make others suffer. It’s especially scary when the hostility is built into the system that rules over you – because then who do you turn to for help?
        Stay safe, sending you love and peace x

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      4. Thanks Petra! I just hope people understand that world is not just black and white. There are grays in all races and religions. Only then would they stop type-casting people based on their birth. I have seen enough shit and love both as a Hindu and later as a Muslim to know that. Being a covert gives me a macro-view of both the worlds.

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