But… but… how?


Not a huge drama this one, but a mystery none-the-less. So Jessica took out a can of diet coke from her locker, then looked at it in confusion, then at us in confusion, then back at the can.

‘Ok, so mystery of the day,’ she said, ‘is how is this can empty?’ She put the unopened can on the table. I went and shook it, I could feel there was a dribble of coke left. There were no holes in the can. There was no sticky drink all over her locker, but the can was empty.

I feel like I’m leading you into one of those lateral thinking riddles, like how did the man hang himself with only the puddle of water or why didn’t the doctor use the elevator? But no, I genuinely have no clue.

My thoughts so far:

the can was always empty and Jessica somehow didn’t notice when she bought it

a thirsty poltergeist

a new side-effect of Covid (I mean, they’re all so weird anyway, why not this?)

Any ideas?


25 thoughts on “But… but… how?

      1. Aha! So it’s possible! Thank you for finding that. Good to know that some people still take the time to figure out how to do largely useless things. Now I have to work out why and who. I’m assuming it’s aliens, right?


      2. 😆 Oh, and I wanted to tell you, I bought Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler after you mentioned her. I’m only a few chapters in, but really like it so far – very mysterious.


    1. While I was furloughed it vanished, but maybe it just got shoved under the table or put in a drawer. It’s a plausible theory and it involves aliens so is probably right. I’ll check it out today.

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      1. That’s the thing with time portals, you have to watch them. One minute they’re there, the next they’re in an entirely different time-frame off with the future funsters who pop in to leave plastic canons and empty coke cans behind them.

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      2. Did you read Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? Cos your future funsters sound like Teasers, aliens that go looking for some idiot no one will believe (ie me) and do enough silly things to convince them that aliens are real and then run away, leaving the poor idiot (ie me) to lose whatever credibility they had. Ah well, it might be worth it 😀

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      3. Wonderful books. But you’re not an idiot. You know that aliens really do exist. I’m an idiot. I know they exist and I have no credibility to mess with! You’re safe, so check out that portal

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    1. I can just see the start of the Apocalypse signified by something simple like an empty coke can. I wonder if Coca cola will use that in their advertising – get a few final sales in 😉

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