I was doing a lot of watering today. Apparently it dissolved the glue holding my boot together. All of a sudden, my boot was flapping. I was at a garden in the middle of nowhere and had no shoes to change into. Fortunately, a colleague had a spare hairband I could wrap around it. And then I had to limp home on the train, trying to not lose the sole on my shoe altogether.

Other news, I was on an escalator with some teenagers this morning and one of them pressed the emergency stop button. It wasn’t much of an emergency stop, more of a carry on for thirty seconds then trundle to a halt button. The teenagers ran off, and the five staff who all came out running a moment later paid no attention to me, but started shouting into their radios about where the kids had gone. So if you want to get away with pressing the red button, make sure there are some teenagers around who’ll get the blame.

And those are the most interesting things about my day! How about you?

19 thoughts on “Dagnamnit!

  1. The sole looks like its in good shape. Its woth fixing if the shoe is comfortable. Id have the shoe repair person check the other one so you wont experience the train hobble home again.

    My day was uneventful. Thats a good thing since I work security. On a bad day Id be the out of shape guy trying to catch those ligthing fast train kids.

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    1. Hmm, perhaps they can provide you with a lasso? Or are you allowed to have trap doors that you can open by remote? I’m glad you had a calm day, very good for the soul. I often thought about becoming a security guard, since I like wandering around day-dreaming. However, I can’t concentrate for more than a few minutes, so I’d forget to check for actual intruders and the place would soon be overrun.

      Luckily the shoes were not comfortable and it was a relief to be able to throw them away (I CANNOT throw clothes away until they fall apart). I have another pair at work I can use on Monday, so it’s all fine! πŸ˜€

      Have a great weekend!


  2. A fellow runner spoke to me today. I couldn’t hear what she said because I had my music playing, but she looked friendly and it beats the blank stare I normally get from other runners who clearly think I’m much too old (and they’re right). My sole stayed on my shoe all day – although I do have a habit of trying to fasten soles back on with Blue-Tac in extremis. It doesn’t work. Worse, when you do eventually step away from your sole, the rest of your shoe sticks to the path. Just own it baby! Walk like you meant it to happen.
    I haven’t been near an escalator today. I don’t like them greatly – especially the huge long things on the London Underground. I once fell down one with a suitcase on top of me. Luckily nobody else around, but I swear I could hear the CCTV laughing…
    PS What were you watering with? Acid?


    1. Surely all runners have a blank stare? Either that or a silent plead for death.

      I like the idea of you leaving a trail of shoe bits behind you, while trying to look like it was intentional!

      I’m sorry your suitcase fell on you, that’s a fairly noble accident. I was once running for the tube and didn’t realise I was charging full pelt down the up escalator and getting nowhere. I bet they play that footage at parties.

      Acid? Is that why all the plants kept giggling?

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      1. Hee hee. I meant the corrosive kind. The kind that melts glue, not brains. It was not noble. It was painful – especially as some toerag forty years my junior had attempted to mug me the evening before and we ended up grappling across Kings Cross Railway Station concourse. I got my phone back and he got the worst of me (which is about as threatening as Minnie Mouse) and ran away. I felt really pleased with myself until I woke up the next morning aching through every single pore. I was sixty and felt about ninety as I approached that bloody escalator. Good job my sole wasn’t hanging off…

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    1. They are fairly old. I hadn’t worn them much because they weren’t comfortable. I like the idea of trying to exchange them though: ‘These unique, breathable, hatchback boots are easily worth a kitten or a bar of chocolate, I would like to trade!’ πŸ˜‰

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    1. Wise thinking there and it’s good someone understands! An ex-boss of mine used to say ‘Always carry duct tape, nothing you can’t fix with duct tape.’ Better than bandaids, definitely.


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