Rat cahoots

I worked with Mateo today and got to hear another strange story.

You know how a rat steals an egg? Because rats like eggs, but they can’t carry it in their paws and still walk. But I’ve seen it, what they do is get another rat. And one holds onto the egg and the other pulls him by his tail.

The image of little Edgar rat (no reason why a rat shouldn’t be called Edgar in my view) with his paws wrapped around an egg, while Bertrude rat pulls his tail over her shoulder and drags him along, is just great.

17 thoughts on “Rat cahoots

  1. I confess to hating the look and sound and smell and all that stuff about rats, but that my daughter loves them and got me to give a biscuit to a rat and watch it hop, hop, hop with the huge prize in its little front paws. {{{shudder}}} “eeghh!”

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    1. That sound like an alternative method for the egg! Sorry the rats are scary, but I’m seriously impressed you didn’t pass that fear on to your daughter.

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  2. It is a well-known fact that ALL male rats are called Edgar, although some of their mischievous friends pretend that they have forgotten and keep asking, ‘I’m sorry, what are you called again?’ which is absolutely hilarious in ratty circles. Female rats are called Cynthia (or Cynth to their friends). They do not carry handbags…

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    1. Well, now, this IS a learning day for me. They are smart to keep all names down to two, no gossip will ever spread that way. Terrible for catching murderers though – Miss Cynthia Marple would never be able to do the Gather-in-one-room-and-announce-the-murderer thing. But maybe rats are more chilled about murder.

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    1. Rolling makes more sense really. Sometimes I wonder about Mateo’s stories. He perfects the grizzled boatman persona, but maybe he’s one for fairytales and flights of fancy!

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