Words words words

Do you write? Do you like words? Well, me too and I’m obsessive enough to have collected whole files of them. At one point I was putting loads up on my blog. I posted up words like nullibicity and afflatus but then they got lost in the archives. However, now they are all back again.

If you want to find them, they are in one easy click-and-you’re-done link, right here. (or alternatively to the right of this post in the list of categories.) The posts tend to contain other things as well, such foxes, plants and words of inspiration, but just ignore all of that and gorge on the juicy texture of words such as gudgeon and clamjamphrie. Happy word munching.

16 thoughts on “Words words words

      1. I don’t know much about playing scrabble, but you’ve got Greta in there and she’s very popular at the moment – so that will probably get you extra points.

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  1. I am living proof that you cannot please everyone all of the time, because love you to bits I hated those long words, but felt strangely compelled to look them up. It was like playing upwords with mother all over again and suspecting she was cheating. Silly ol’ sausage aye?

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    1. Oh no! I’m sorry!
      But now I know your weakness, if I ever need to distract you, I can. (note: maybe I’ll never need this knowledge, but these are drastic times when unexpected disasters keep happening. What if you end up ruler of the world but bitten by a zombie? What if you fall off a cliff and are crashing towards death and I have to distract you so that you miss the ground and start flying? Now I feel ready)

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      1. Wait, wait, {{{giggles}}} I’ve just remembered a word: combobulated, for I was discombobulated, but now I’m no longer dis. Actually by living in Wales does that mean quoting the really long train station, let me see if I can remember it “Llanfairpwddgingeddgargareddwindroblogsantysillyogochgoch” Did I get it right? Do I get a prize?

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      2. You get all the prizes! You have given me exactly the word I needed (not the gargaryoyo word) so you are the honorary Scrabble Champion too.

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