Say goodbye to the foxes

The foxes aren’t actually leaving, they’re way too happy, but the situation with has got silly and a bit unpleasant, so after this I’m going to leave off writing about them for a while.

We already had some residents demanding that we dispose of the foxes because they are a health risk, even though we kept insisting that we absolutely fucking wouldn’t. We also knew we had residents sneaking around feeding the foxes even though we repeatedly explained it was a bad idea – they have become totally tame and dependent on people.

But now we have one particularly enraged resident saying that she’ll report us to the police because somehow she’s come to the conclusion that we absolutely fucking do intend to kill the foxes and it’s disgusting and we’re all evil. She called up one manager and screamed ‘How dare you kill the foxes.’ The manager explained that we have no intention of doing so. Then she called up my boss and screamed at her for her terrible murderous ways, while my boss explained that no killing will be happening. Then she cornered Mike and lectured him on how she’s started a petition to stop us killing the foxes. I don’t know what it will take to convince her, I mean the foxes are still there, hanging out, looking healthy and happy.

Anyway, Reynard and Talbot will be staying out of the blog for a while. Which is good, because I think it may have gone to their heads.

We are not trying to kill the foxes. We’ve given up even shouting at them because they aren’t even slightly bothered and assume we’re playing. But I figure it’s wise to shut up about the foxes for a bit.

26 thoughts on “Say goodbye to the foxes

    1. Can’t agree with this.

      We’ve taken up a lot of their habitat and actually whithout feeding some wildlife, many wouldn’t survive. That’s just a fact.

      I think the problem comes if someone feeds too much, and gets too familiar with the animals as if they’re pet dogs or something.

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  1. Erm, they’re wild animals aren’t they? Not your responsibility. Why in God’s name would you ever want to kill them? Herb is right, feeding them is not a good idea – possibly the enraged resident? Do what you do and just leave em be. I will miss hearing about them though…

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    1. I think being stuck at home for covid is sending people doolally out of boredom. They NEED to get involved with something, and apparently the foxes are the answer for some. There have been loads of complaints and confrontations over the last eight months (that I haven’t written about in case this blog is discovered by bosses). I think we need to set a treasure hunt for them or something.

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      1. Yes! All the blame flying about over covid too. Can we all count to ten and accept that things go wrong sometimes please? (unless you’re blaming the government, which is fine 😉 )

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      2. Can I [Like] this comment more than once please? As eye rolling about the government has almost made me go boss-eyed, for they’re way off the scale for crappiness, incompetent, greedy bar plugs… {{{ muttering }}} < expletives.

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      3. Everybody blames government, I’ve done that quite a few times on my blog. Where is the fun in that? Let’s blame someone who would listen…and can be jostled…and may be punched for a good measure…

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    1. Hmm, I mean that’s true, it’s not fair when they’ve worked so hard at entertaining us. The locals have been quiet for a few days, so maybe….hmm.

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