Sunday Photo Fiction


“Oh look there! Is that a slaty egret? What a lovely bird!”

“Gerry? I don’t think we should have climbed that fence.”

“Don’t be silly I’d never have seen the slaty egret otherwise. I really didn’t expect to see one those here.”

“I think we need to climb back over the fence.”

“Not yet. Can you pass me the zoom lens?”

“I think this may be a wildlife park.”

“Hmm? If I can get the angle right, I can get a shot.”

“Gerry, we really need to run away now.”

“Stop hissing woman, you’ll scare it off.”

“They’re starting to move. Gerry? The rhinos are starting to move.”

“The what? The…oh dear.”

“Run, Gerry! Run!”


From Sunday Photo Fiction 

Thanks for the prompt!

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