Microfiction: The Scrapings

And again, some one line stories:

We knew it would end like this, not with a bang or a whimper, but with a loud harrumph.

“That’s just how it is,” he rasped, “men show their feelings by hitting each other, women by affection.” And that was when I knew I wanted to be a woman.

“Drunken poetry,” she wrote with a flourish in pink biro, “it contains all truth. Drunken poetry,” then she gave up, as the rhymes deserted her.

A light flickered, the air grew cold. Grandma had returned.

“That’s just how it is,” she ranted, “men prove their strength by striding round the world conquering things. Women prove their strength by enduring, by suffering.” And that was when I knew, I wanted to be a man.

Leading a double life was difficult with Facebook, it took planning and copious notes.

He woke up slowly, his head thundering and his stomach lurching. He eased himself onto his side and saw the Devil sleeping peacefully beside him. I am never drinking again, he thought.

“That’s just how it is,” they shouted, “people are selfish. They all want to be rich, and they don’t care who suffers as a result.” And that was when I knew I wanted to be an alien.

18 thoughts on “Microfiction: The Scrapings

  1. I like how you’ve scattered “This is when I knew…” throughout the set. There’s a lot of philosophical things I could say about the content there, but I’ll settle with saying this was fascinating. Must suck to have grandma’s ghost (aka the Devil) sleeping in your bed. That’s creepy and wrong on so many levels 😛

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  2. Ummm … not to rain on the parade, but are these one line stories?! 😉

    Actually, I couldn’t care less that they aren’t …. ’cause they are are wonderful 🙂 And the way you’ve presented them, kind of creates an odd story in itself, almost like someone eavesdropping on a conversation in a bar or coffee house.

    Great job 🙂


    1. You know, you’re totally right, some of them get up to three lines! You’ve caught me in a case of false advertising 😮 ! Glad you like them, my friend. Have a lovely day 🙂

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