You will not believe what this bitch did to me. It was at the station, she was sitting slurping at coffee, her bag on her lap and she wasn’t even looking at it. I think if someone doesn’t even watch their bag, then they’ve probably got too much money anyway, I’m just helping relieve them a little of that baggage. You just know she’s had everything handed to her, no one ever handed me anything. Nothing but pain.

Anyway, I know what works with an idiot like that, just act natural and walk past her grabbing the bag. So I walk past her and put my hand around the bag, and she looks up at me. So I flash her a smile, you know? Like we’re besties and she wants me to have the bag. I’m thinking by the time she realises, I’m already out of the station, right?  So I flash her the smile and she throws her coffee at me! Hot coffee! She could have scarred me for life. So I’m dripping boiling hot coffee, all down my new jeans, and I’m shouting at her, because I can’t believe what a psycho she’s being, and without even looking at me, she walks off. Just walks away to catch her train. Bitch.

16 thoughts on “Bitch

  1. haha, awesome! Yep, i like this take on perspective, too. Even if we don’t agree with them, it’s always good to be able to consider another person’s perspective. People speak of ‘logic’ , but we all act in accordance to our own ‘logic’, which is subject to individual differences in perception. I can definitely imagine this sort of internal monologue happening.

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  2. totally great write – I love how you capture the voice of the narrator and never, not once, lose it throughout this piece. awesome 🙂

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