AD: How to Change Your Life


We know your pain!

Your thoughts are mighty, but your voice is weak.

Your footsteps are puny as your soul strides.

When the object of your desperate affection finally rejects you, all anyone sees is a sad little nobody, they don’t see the powerful torment of a shattered heart.

How can you make those around you see you for the dignified genius that you are?

Personal Sound Effects

Yes, you heard right. Sound FX straight to your brain and to the brains of your peers.

Tis exciting technology uses brain and body implants to record physical movement and transmit sound to all others with the implants, meaning that soon all your friends will know your magnificence.

Thunder as you walk

Make the swooshing sound of a sword as you move your arms

Speak with a voice that booms

And most powerful of all: play a soundtrack that adapts to your moods.

It isn’t just you. Everyone you know is getting the PFX implant, hear what they want you to hear, and join in the PFX conversation.

Hurry now!

10 thoughts on “AD: How to Change Your Life

  1. This has me absolutely roaring with laughter – and yet, somehow, there is such a serious possibility for this type of absurdity to manifest in our world – that is just comes across as sheer mad genius. As those across the pond (smilingly written) would say “Dead brill!”

    And best yet, I suspect you had fun with this! πŸ™‚

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    1. Definitely had fun πŸ˜€ . I’m glad you enjoyed it, and I have a secret hope that someone will make this – not just because having the PFX implant would be great (such instant drama), but because watching people who have it, if I don’t, would be funny funny πŸ˜€

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