Just a Brief Warning…

Over the next few weeks I’m going to clean up my blog a little and remove a few of the old stories. I’m going to take off Henry the Psychic Goat and a few of the longer, older stories (eg In the Sphere, The Corporation will Always Win, Not Awake) so if you think you’d like to check them out, then now is the time.

This is not the most exciting post ever, so here is a picture of a parrot scratching it head.really-scratching-2

9 thoughts on “Just a Brief Warning…

  1. Henry the Goat et al, will they reappear elsewhere (in print / epublication / online) or will they be consigned to the Trash forever and yon? (Maybe that’s why the parrot’s scratching its head?)

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  2. A parrot head scratching is indeed a fine thing for a Wednesday morning, I might do a bit of head scratching myself and why not, as long as it’s not because of little friends in the hair!

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    1. It’s ok, I’m not throwing anything away, just putting them to one side for now. Henry appreciates your concern and sends his fondest regards 🙂

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