My Ridiculous Anxiety Dream

I have variations on this dream quite often, but I think this is the daftest. I do sometimes drive a tractor for my job and occasionally I have to check on trees after a storm to make sure none have been uprooted or become unstable, so it has some basis in reality.

So I’d been driving a tractor out in a field and had stopped to check that none of the trees had toppled.  Suddenly I noticed that it had got dark so I needed to get back to base. I reached down to release the handbrake, but it wasn’t there! I felt for the gearbox, but it wasn’t there either! And there was no steering wheel! I was really panicking by this point and there were a few minutes of fumbling about, wondering why I wasn’t wearing shoes or a coat, before I finally worked out that I was in bed and not on a tractor at all. Instead of deciding that everything was fine and going back to sleep, my brain started on a new course of panic and I thought,

“But if the bed has got no gears or steering wheel, how am I going to get to work tomorrow?” Feeling frantic, I switched on the light, muttering to myself,

“I drive to work everyday, how do I normally do this on a bed with no steering wheel?”

A few more tormented seconds passed while I looked at my bed in confusion, before finally realising,

“I don’t need to drive my bed to work, I’ve got a car.”

10 thoughts on “My Ridiculous Anxiety Dream

  1. Don’t ya just love dreams like that? I had a dream once that I was running through a furniture warehouse, with my brother, and we were carrying buckets of fried chicken. But every time we entered a new room in the warehouse, we had to set the chicken aside and move furniture out of the way of the T-rex that was chasing us for the chicken. Because, naturally, we didn’t have the money to buy all the furniture the dinosaur crushed. It was one of my more fun dreams, although when I woke up, I thought I’d lost my chicken and was doomed…

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    1. That’s pretty tense, bizarre how silly sounding things can be so frightening in a dream. I like the thought of a dinosaur wanting fried chicken – naturally, because such a delicacy did not exist in Jurassic fast food joints! 😉

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