All That’s Wrong with Technology

A previous story of Bert here

Bert didn’t really pay much attention to the TV, instead he liked to have it on as a background to inspire his theories. They were watching an old episode of Star Trek, and Captain Kirk and Spock had just beamed down to a planet that looked a lot like painted fibre glass. While his wife carefully combed chewing gum out of the cat’s fur, Bert relished his indignation,

β€œLook at that! He used his communicator to talk to Uhura, then he just shut it again! Look! He’s just carrying on with his life! He’s not opening it again to check Facebook, is he? He doesn’t hunch over his communicator with a glazed expression for hours on end! And Spock and Kirk areΒ still talking to each other, and they’re even looking at each other, instead of glancing down at their communicators all the time, hoping no one will notice. I tell you, Star Trek got it all wrong, they had no clue how stupid we were! No one could have predicted that.”

16 thoughts on “All That’s Wrong with Technology

  1. Lol!! Perfect! Though some of the Star Trek crew did spend a lot of time staring at their Tricorders (is that what those info gathering devices were called? Looks funny in writing.) πŸ™‚


    1. From my (brief and shoddy) research they were called communicators, but Tricorders sounds better. I’m imagining Captain Kirk at his console slumped over his tricorder now, probably playing Candy Crush πŸ˜‰

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      1. Lol! No, actually, you were correct – they had communicators that flipped open like old cell phones. But they also had tricorders, which looked like old-fashioned portable cassette players with long carrying straps, that they wore over their shoulders; those were for scanning the immediate environment and storing data. But they would walk around staring at them like people do their phones now, so maybe candy crush is a possibility… πŸ˜‰

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