Beautiful Creatures

Continuing my celebration of Monday good things…

I took this photo at work.  We have a tropical butterfly event on at the moment, and I saw this one just sitting on a flower with its tongue out. I think it may have got drunk on the nectar.


And below are some pictures of the butterfly pupae after we stuck them onto canes, ready to go into the puparium to hatch. Some look like leaves in order to hide from predators. Sometimes I find the butterflies can be annoying, smelly and a bit icky; so it’s good to remember that they are also beautiful and fascinating.


Please tell me about a good thing on your Monday, no matter how small.


16 thoughts on “Beautiful Creatures

  1. Remembering the central message in Richard Curtis’ romcom About Time (which we watched again last night): begin each day with a positive attitude because you won’t have that day again, ever. Back on civil speaking terms with my partner after apologising for being inconsiderate …

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  2. Ah, i love flutterbies. They ARE fascinating. Noice piccies.

    Hmm, well my monday was yesterday, seeing as i live down here in the future. But a nice thing about it was that, in the evening, i had a nap on the couch, and my cat had a nap on me, with his little head snuggled in under my chin, and his paw on my shoulder. (This was his way of saying sorry for randomly shitting on the carpet of my craft room that morning. JUST as i had to leave. He NEVER does that. I was SO angry! Anyway, at least it all ended on a nice note!)

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      1. Hehe, yep. Kittycats are quite the little devils. They can be SO naughty….but then they go and do something really cute, and you just can’t stay mad at them!
        Yeah, the pics are lovely. The pupae ( pupa? Am i saying the word right??) are amazing. Little transformation bubbles.

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  3. One good thing about my Monday this week as that, even though my boss sent me on errands to multiple places all an hour or more away, I got to take my lunch break at a gorgeous spot up 101. I even got to taste some wine, and happened to be there on a day they were giving away special anniversary glasses with each tasting. I got well over my step goal for the day and in the evening my partner and I watched the season five finale of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Good times.

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