Riddled with Senses – another bit

The more I shill, the less guilty I feel about shilling. Still feel dirty though.

Anyway, Riddled with Senses is my book that’s just been published. I’m posting up a few bits of it in the hope that you like it and decide you want to read more. If you do buy it and like it, then please, please write me a short review on Amazon, I have two now – partly thanks to Samantha Henthorn.

This extract is written about Jitty, an odd, but hopeful teenage hermit. Ruled by her broken digital watch and a hodge podge of magical beliefs, she breaks into the houses of her neighbours in order to interfere in their lives.

The moon was fat, dimpled like a half-sucked peppermint. Jitty stood with one foot in a puddle and one on the edge of a pavement, the night air stirring the hairs on her arms, her eyes adjusting to the darkness. The plans for the night were in her pocket, but she knew not to rush, it was important to feel the world about her, a symphony that would grow in complexity as her own rhythm merged with the infinite.

Jitty knew that everything had a pulse, from the quick vibration of a fly to the slow boom of a tree, the erratic rhythm of a human to the almost imperceptible thereness of a building. Everything had a pulse. During the day those pulses mixed and merged and clashed, but as the sun sank and rhythms of all animals grew slower they became easier to ignore and the quieter pulses could be felt. Through her feet she could feel the rushing of the sewers below, the subtle crumbling of the buildings around her and the trees growing and stretching and somewhere between them was the faint clicking sound of a story fragment wanting to be found.

22 thoughts on “Riddled with Senses – another bit

  1. I love this 🙂

    I’ve already looked into buying your book – haven’t decided which way though, because it’s either ship it from overseas, or the US – and each has its own pros and cons. (I’m in Canada, eh! 😉 ) So in the mean time, I’ll just have to think on it a bit more.

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      1. I will buy it – just weighing the pros of exchange rates and shipping costs, and then “duty” which is mostly a US thing – depends on the supplier and how they operate – nothing more frustrating than having the postman show up with an anticipated package and have to go about fishing out coins and all of that …..

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      2. It sounds very complicated! There’s no pressure, but if you do buy it I will very much appreciate all the extra effort that went in. You are a delight! 🙂

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      3. It’s just the technicalities …. no big deal …. and I will be equally pleased and delighted once I can sink my teeth in …. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

        and I hope you’re having a lovely late Sunday day, evening 🙂

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