“Don’t blame me, it’s just who I am,” he says, and I want to punch his stupid chiselled face. He always makes statements like that with a little chuckle, as if the disaster he spreads throughout the world is a little joke we share between us. Seeing how furious I am, he tries to reason with me, cocks his head, wears a gentle smile that I know he copied off someone else.

“People like the drama,” he says, “it shakes their lives up.”

“Some of them don’t have lives to shake up now,” I hiss back, to me this is a truth that obliterates the power of his smug smile; for him, it isn’t.

“And that’s ok too, the world needs a cull, right? It’s overpopulated.” I can see he’s bored now, he can’t be bothered to placate me, he’ll be moving on and lives will be devastated somewhere else. He flashes me another diamond smile and strides away. I wonder if he’ll ever be stopped.

24 thoughts on “Sociopath

  1. Hey there – it’s me, different sign in name due to the whole SPAM thing, but I just had to comment to say, this is such a tight piece of work – so well worded and you’ve captured the essence, or at least one key aspect, of psychopathy, and as others have noted, it can be very odd and “danger zone” unsettling in dealing with these people. So great job here. 🙂
    And as someone else noted: the whole “as above, so below” – aspect is really a wonderful layer to this too.

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      1. I AM Spam 😉

        LOL – apparently, something has “hooked” me into the wastelands – and here I was thinking I was “sweet and innocent” 😉

        but this is old news …. now we see if things have sorted themselves out a bit.

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  2. hmmm …. not this is screwed up, I’m logged in in another account but am showing up on your site as the old one???? Ah, please forgive the bugs up my butt!

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    1. So, wait, is this wordwitch? Whoever you are, your writing is great, but I’m not allowed to follow you, what twisted world is this? I’m confused, Tech Support! Someone call Tech Support!

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      1. Eeep! Yes, it’s me – Pat, word witch – just hover over my gravatar then go the site, and then in the right hand corner, there is a box thingy and it opens the sidebar and you can follow – and hey, when you show up at the site, even in the right hand bottom corner, there should be an automatic WP thingy that says ‘follow’ …. crap and double crap …. let me know if you can’t figure it out or it’s something weird over here *sigh*


      2. you came, you saw, you hit follow – therefore you conquered! 😉

        thanks and glad you hopped over 🙂

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    1. It’s interesting to get inside a head that is so different to mine (well, hopefully 😉 ) It is fun to imagine a life without the kind of consequences most of us live with. What/ where was your story?


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