Snowflakes and the Sun

A very funny, and mild-rage inducing post from Calmgrove here…


On March 5th 2018 the so-called newspaper called The Sun made a rare foray into the literary world, only to shoot itself in the foot.

Writers Gary O’Shea and Thea Jacobs quoted a couple of academics who’d suggested — unsurprisingly to anybody who’d read Frankenstein — that the Creature was a victim whose actions could be understood even if not condoned.

According to the journalists (is that the correct description?) students who expressed sympathy for the Creature’s plight were to be dubbed ‘snowflakes’; for anyone not au fait with this term of opprobrium it means anyone who is, frankly, not a rabid gun-toting neoliberal who thinks the poor, the disabled, LGBTI campaigners, women and ethnics have only themselves to blame for being victims.

Sadly, it’s not at all obvious that the writers have read either the 1818 text or the 1831 edition, in which it’s abundantly clear that the Creature…

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15 thoughts on “Snowflakes and the Sun

  1. Yes, the creature had been wronged. But when you’re reanimated from the dead, you really can’t expect to keep your moral compass. He turned on DR. Frankenstein like a pit-bull, following him to the ends of the earth to obtain his revenge.

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      1. Interestingly enough, Mary Shelley’s life was surrounded by death of many loved ones, including husbands and children. Is this an example of your consciousness creating your reality…or could it be that word which doesn’t exist: “coincidence?”

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  2. This was the most headdesk producing thing I’d read all day. I swear that reality has gotten to the point of absurdity where it’s using the ignorant to troll itself. It was like that one picture entitled “This is the future the liberals want,” and all it consisted of were two people riding the subway: one was a woman wearing a hijab and the other was a man in drag. It was literally the most ridiculous way they could’ve tried to make their point. The memes that spawned from it were glorious 😀


    1. I’d not heard of that, so went googling, that is nuts! The photos only seem to show two people, so their hellish future is that two people who don’t dress in the way they like, can travel on transport! Ridicule is a good way of coping and connecting people, although it’s sobering to remember that people believe this stuff. Thank you for making me laugh though 😀

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  3. I’ve not heard anyone use the term snowflake as a criticism without being one themselves. And this is just a perfect example ‘Two people are on the subway! I don’t like it! waaaah!’ That’s as precious as you can get! Grrr. And now wordpress is advertising lots of blogs about snowflakes to me. Stay safe out there, it’s a tumultuous world! 🙂


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