19 thoughts on “Peddling Doomsday

      1. Oh good point, I shall work on that this weekend and get something up next week, Sorry for my slowness 🙂


      2. No, you’re right, it’s really important to pass the information on, no way I’d have figured anything out without help from others. I’m still learning though, so be aware I may be getting stuff wrong! 🙂

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    1. Wow, thank you! That was what I was trying to show, how belief can be exploited, how strong emotions can make us vulnerable.

      Do you think you’d find Myra’s words persuasive? The promise of understanding the truth about the world and of freeing your mind? I think with someone charismatic enough, I’d be intrigued at least. Although I tend to be pretty cynical, a part of me would want it to be true.

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      1. I’d want it to be true, and it would honestly depend on how she approached me. If it was in person, I always try to be polite so I’d listen and nod, but the second she started talking about Shadows, my skeptical sensors would come up. If it was something on the internet, like how they approached Deirdre, I think I’d be less likely, BUT I understand why she fell under that spell. She was unhappy, unappreciated, and everyone wants to feel they’re special.

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      2. Yes, that need to feel chosen, important in some way, is very powerful. And when life makes you feel you really aren’t special, that’s when you’re vulnerable, I think.

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