Time to draw straws/breadsticks


Day of reckoning: Who is going to speak to the landlady? We agreed to each pick a breadstick, whoever got the short breadstick (we didn’t have straws) contacts the landlady to ask why she’s visiting while we’re out.

Weather: bit nippy

Mood: foul

Word of the day: Jigamaree – a thingamajig; a cunning manoeuvre

Yep. I fucking lost. I thought I had method – I thought the wobbly breadstick was the short one, so I avoided that one. But now I’m thinking Jinjing also had method, and she made the long breadsticks wobble to catch out smart arses like me.

In other news: At work the shorts competition (who can wear shorts from now until winter) is getting tense between Dan and Mike. I was going to work with Dan out in a garden and Mike pulled me aside before I left.

‘It’s cold this morning, make sure that Dan doesn’t change into trousers while he’s out, won’t you?’

‘How would he even do that?’

‘Just make sure, I’m trusting you,’ said Mike.

‘But I don’t care,’ I tried to explain.

Half an hour later I was digging up some ground elder, when Mike called my phone, ‘Is Dan still wearing shorts?’

‘I don’t know, he’s on the other side of the garden,’ I said.

‘Go and check! Go and check! He might have changed!’

‘But I still don’t care,’ I said. Mike wasn’t listening. He wouldn’t get off the phone until I’d made sure Dan was still wearing shorts.

15 thoughts on “Time to draw straws/breadsticks

  1. Breadsticks? Shoulda been cheese straws! I think that should be a thing, ‘drawing the short cheese straw’, I’m almost tempted to keep a packet in the store cupboard for just such an occasion except I know they would all be gone within an hour. Yep, stick to breadsticks…

    Anyway, bad luck. As well as the short breadstick you were lumbered with checking for shorts.

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    1. I like the cheese straw idea, but I now have an image of everyone picking a straw only to find they’ve all been nibbled down to stumps and we all lose. Maybe then we’d *all* have to call the landlady – I like this idea!

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  2. Best of luck with land lady! Tell Mike to put a GPS on Mike’s shorts to ensure they are moving at human pace, and spare you!


    1. Shorts GPS?? This idea is brilliant! And thank you for the good luck. I’m still hoping for sudden inspiration on what to say, I’ll figure it out eventually 🙂


    1. Glad you liked it! I see the logic using email, although the phone can be good for picking up on reactions. People are so complicated!


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