This is why going out is a bad idea


‘Until all that’s left is the pounding of a solitary drum.’

And Now This, The End of Time

Word of the day: Carphology – fitful plucking movements as in delirium

I used to be able to watch the trees blowing in the wind from my window, but this weekend there are only stumps, so I went out to the park to see the trees shimmying around. A strong warm wind is always so melodramatic. While I was out I got a text from the landlady, a little passive aggression followed by more proof she sees our flat as her storage facility.

I thought you’d be in today. You usually r on a Sat. I didn’t have my key. I don’t have time to run around. Be careful of drum kit in hall, we’ll pick up later. Julie x.

Seriously? A drum kit? Got home to find Hamoudi happy as a crab in a bucket of snails, he had discovered the drum kit and was composing a drum solo.

‘I’ve watched a few videos and I think I’ve got the hang of them. Maybe I’ll join a band,’ he said battering the cymbal.

‘Have you played the drums before?’ I shouted.

‘No, but it’s fairly straightforward. It’s all about keeping time, you see?’ he said earnestly, taking a pause, and I nodded. So far he’s got the eyebrows and enthusiasm of animal from the muppets, all he needs now is the rhythm and he will go far.

Note: that may be the first time in my life I spelt rhythm correctly without help, the curse is finally lifted!

14 thoughts on “This is why going out is a bad idea

    1. Sadly no, she drives here, so lives a distance away. I do have her address though, I wonder if me and Hamoudi could carry the drum kit on the bus… 😉

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  1. As a musician and failed Ancient Greek O-level student I love the word rhythm, the seeming intrusive ‘h’ after ‘r’ a result of the aspirated Greek letter rho though less familiar to us than the ‘h’ after ‘t’ in theta. However, did you know that the spelling of the word ‘rhyme’ is pseudo-Greek? It was originally ‘rime’, as Coleridge well knew in his fake traditional ballad of the Ancient Mariner…

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    1. So it started out ‘rime’ and someone tried to make it clever by adding an ‘h’ and ‘y’? Because English is just too simple a language! Are there many words like that then? I fear my whole means of communication may be a sham :O


      1. Yep, ‘rhyme’ was originally ‘rime’. There’s another well-known word made to look archaic but it refuses to emerge from the back of my mind. On the other hand Robert Browning mistakenly thought that ‘twat’ was part of a nun’s habit and used it in a dramatic poem, so a parallel process though not the same…

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