Bigger than you might think



People are strange when you’re a stranger
Faces look ugly when you’re alone

People are Strange  – The Doors

Phrase of the day: el semaforo de medianoche (Venezuelan Spanish) a pushover, literally ‘a traffic light at midnight’

Today a set of traffic lights was found lying in the road on the estate at my work. Weirdly there was no obvious place in the street missing a traffic light and it didn’t look like sabotage. We tried to work out where it came from using the No right turn and Park closed features, but there were too many options and we’re too easily distracted. The current theory is that some workmen replaced this one with a new set, but then forgot to take this away. I was surprised at how huge it was.

On the train this morning, fabulous woman had dyed a streak in her hair orange and had rings shaped like claws. I think she’s turning into a tiger. I tried to catch her eye, see if I could start a conversation, but she was in the world of her phone screen and didn’t notice me.

Here’s another one of the traffic lights. My muddy foot bottom left for scale.


17 thoughts on “Bigger than you might think

    1. Possibly, but not the chasing-after-young-men type, nothing so cliched. She’s turning into an actual cougar!


    1. Ah fair point, although in theory you could say the same for any size guide I included – ‘what if that lamppost is very small? What if that car is very small? Maybe that’s an undersized filing cabinet.’ There’s only so much I can do 😛 🙂

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  1. Your Venezuelan metaphor reminded me of a story told by TV presenter Francesco da Mosto about Italian traffic lights: Green means go. Amber also means go. Red is merely a suggestion.

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