The Illuminati are torturing Jack!


So after a night of no sleep, I collapsed in bed about 8.30pm. Slept fabulous and woke up feeling zingy and refreshed, thinking What a fantastic long sleep, now I’m ready for a new day, insomnia’s fixed! Then I looked at my phone and it was 9.30pm. Bugger.

Did the same thing at 10pm, and midnight. And which point I felt so zingy I couldn’t even try to sleep, so I got up and played Patience.  Finally slept until 5.30am and woke up feeling like I’d been crushed under a boulder.

Anyway, all this is irrelevant, you want to know about the letter..

Blanked letter top
Part 1
2nd blanked
Part 2


Blanked letter person
Part 3
Blanked final
Part 4

There is one other record (I could find) of someone getting this letter in London, this year, which is pushing me towards the idea that this is an art project or game.

Above Top Secret

Tomorrow I will start investigating the different names (will they be untraceable? Is that what he means by ‘their computers cannot be searched for’?) If I can’t get anywhere with that, I’ll contact the email address on there, there’s also a phone number, is it wise to call it?

Right now I’m having trouble keeping my eyes open, so it will all have to wait. Does any of it look familiar? Any theories? (I love your theories…)

Note: If it’s difficult to read, I can scan it in tomorrow, the photos were taken on the grass in the wind, which isn’t ideal.


9 thoughts on “The Illuminati are torturing Jack!

  1. Don’t think that I’d call the number – unless I could use somebody else’s phone. It sounds like a ‘project’ to me, or even the sketchy first draft of the introduction to a novel. I think the emphasis on being abused ‘with the technology’ is to stop readers from immediately flipping and calling the police – which you could certainly do if it bothers you. It would be preferable to not sleeping.

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    1. I don’t think the not sleeping is due to the letter, just general madness. Unless you mean I could call the police to fill the dull hours while I don’t sleep, maybe they’d like to chat…


  2. Sounds like a schizophrenic. Especially with the whole “Don’t call the mental health services” bit suggesting they have experience with mental health services and probably like a lot of schizophrenics don’t take their meds and end up with social workers on their back trying to get them to take their meds.

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  3. I was going to write a smart alec comment linking your insomnia to control by the Illuminati and freemasons, but I agree, this is less likely (though not improbable) to be an art project and more about somebody with mental health issues.

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    1. Maybe an artist with the power to stop me sleeping, a super villain artist who’s putting random strangers into some widespread art installation. Ooh, I like that idea for a plot…

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