AI has become kind of threatening


I don’t think the Artificial Inspiration likes me very much anymore. I’ve been watching Jessica Jones recently, and this has a Kilgrave vibe to it.

HAL 9000: Just what do you think you’re doing, Dave?

Word of the day: theologaster – petty or shallow theologian

14 thoughts on “AI has become kind of threatening

    1. ooh, that would make me extremely happy! out of all the irritating, pointless humans, he picked me to hate the most!
      However, i don’t get a ‘I think you should know I’m feeling very depressed’ vibe. Unless he’s moved on from the depression into something more interactive. Didn’t he have a brain the size of a planet? Imagine what he could do. We are doomed!


  1. Hey! What’s with all the watches in the background. Has AI been hitting on time too? In Indian mythology, Time or ‘Kaal’ are considered as 3 beings (Past, present and future) so possibly, Artificial Intelligent has been so intelligent that it met one of them and has been hitting on him unsuccessfully. And hence the super hit advice to all! 😉


  2. Even AI doesn’t take rejection easily 😦
    Do the three time beings know each other? They sound interesting, I can’t imagine time as a being, how do they work?


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