A quick visit to tell you about foxes!


I know I haven’t been around, and I’ll explain why in a minute, but first I need to talk about the foxes!

Those who follow this blog, might remember that I have some foxes that like to sleep in my back garden, and they brought a shoe in. I left the shoe for them because I figured it might be a toy for them. Turns out it wasn’t.

A week ago I was watching the two of them sleep, curled up under the tree. Then one woke up, stretched, walked to the shoe and squatted over it for a moment and left. Ten minutes later the other did the same. With great trepidation I went out to the garden and looked in the shoe. It was filled with fox pee and one fox turd. It wasn’t a toy, it was a toilet! They brought a toilet to my garden. I disposed of it and they haven’t been back since. I have no idea what this means. Have I evicted them?

And now for a brief announcement, I’m disappearing for a while. It’s for a mix of reasons, the simplest is that I’m trying to write a book. I know I just finished the draft of one book, but now I’m working on another (I know I’m so damn productive! Superslow though 😉  ), so I need to concentrate on that for a bit. The other, less fun reason is that I’m having a resurgence of all the PTSD stuff from years ago (I wrote about this in the past, old blogs under the tags to the right). It’s not terrible (certainly nothing like it was), I’m still working, but I’m exhausted and cranky and I don’t want that bad mood to spill into my blogs and bring you all down. I’m not going forever, probably just a few months, and I’ll pop into visit your blogs occasionally to see what you’re all up to.

Please look after yourselves, keep the adventures going without me.

Oh and I went to see the moon in a church. Bet you never realised it would fit!


35 thoughts on “A quick visit to tell you about foxes!

  1. Fab to see your post – I’ve been on hols for 10 days and am catching up with everyone. I have every confidence that this ‘cranky’ episode will pass for you – have a good cry and a good sleep! When you have finished writing, I am inviting authors to appear on my blog about how they chose their character names – doesn’t have to be Deirdre! This will run right into next year so far! xx

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    1. Oh cool! That names blog sounds like fun 😀 I hope you enjoyed the holiday, the chance to escape from everything is necessary sometimes.

      And yes, I’m sure the cranky episode will pass, everything turns out ok in the end 🙂 I’ll check out your character names blog, it’s a great idea.

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  2. Hey Petra! It is great to hear from you again. I always thought foxes are crafty, but I didn’t know they have portable toilets. Now I know better than to think of them as poor little babies… The moon seemed to be fitting in quite well.

    I hope you get well soon. I am sure the AI got to you. He had been trying your patience for quite sometime, trying to get you depressed. Kick his ass and tell him to get lost and you will be better in No time.

    I will miss you, a lot! I have been missing your witty comments on my blogs or just to hear anything from you. I haven’t met you but you already feel like a close friend. No matter what, just remember that you are loved across the globe by people who have never met you. Spring right back, buddy!

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    1. You’ve cheered me right up, thank you! You may well be right, that negative robot was messing with my mind. I shall avoid his evil ways and concentrate on the the trees and monkeys for a while 😀

      I’ve decided even if I’m not in the mood for blogging, I’ll drop by other blogs and say hello, keep an eye on you all, so hopefully you won’t need to miss me and I won’t miss you all too much either. You seem lovely (and yes, a friend!), so I don’t want to lose touch 🙂


  3. Do you know, Petra, I believe I have a previous book of yours somewhere which has sadly joined a too long TBR shelf of titles. Must push that further along the queue while you’re writing your next title (your third?).

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    1. You read so many books (and write about them so eloquently) I’m not surprised your TBR list is loooong. Just so long as you keep blogging on, I’m happy 🙂

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      1. ‘Blogging on’, as you put it, is ripe for a meme, is it not? Along the lines of Keep on bloggin’, Keep Calm and Blog On or What The …? Blog!


  4. I alas don’t know much about foxes, except I’m certain their god’s way of giving us cat/dog hybrids. Maybe they only potty in one spot, so when you moved it they figured their apartment had moved, too? I hope they’ll come back.

    I’m on hiatus myself in my attempt to write (though I’m still reading blogs and checking comments). I hope you have better luck than me lol. I’m at around 600 or so words and I’ve been too tired to get much work done, but I at least have the outline and planning for the first chapter out, and what I have written I’ve really liked. I love writing dialogue. It helps me get to know my characters.

    Take care of yourself, lovely ♥

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    1. Hello beautiful! 😀 😀 😀 it’s always great to hear from you! I’m sorry you’ve been feeling so exhausted, I was wondering since I haven’t seen much from you and worried you were having a tough time. I’m glad the writing is going well though, I think some of my best writing has happened when I’ve been really ill because it makes me slow down and play with the ideas a bit more, get to know the characters like you say.
      Look after yourself, I’m looking forward to blogging alongside you again when we both can. XX

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  5. Hi Petra, very weird about the foxes but a real treat to have them visiting your back garden for a spell. I live in a rural area and have only seen one once!

    Good luck with the writing, you’ll get there. Slow writers are called #turtlewriters on twitter, which fits me to perfection. I’m currently proofreading novel 2. I must be doing a reasonable job because it’s taking me ages, and I can’t wait to get back into my number 3 (proofreading needing doing stops me from carrying on with it for now). We’re kind of keeping pace with oneanother here! Til you come back to us, cheers, Lynne

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    1. Hi there, how are you doing? I am totally fine, just using a bit of a break to get myself together. Thank you for the concern, you are a lovely! 😀


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