I’m forgetting how to talk :D


“Yossarian was flabbergasted. His leg went abruptly to sleep.”

Catch 22

Word of the day: Bloviate – to write or speak windily

After returning to blogging last week, I came to a standstill. Because if I’m not working at my loopy job, what am I supposed to write about? And my three flatmates ran back to their respective countries just as all the trouble was starting, so now I’m in the flat on my own. Isolated. And more importantly, boring.

It’s a good life really, I’m doing much thinking and meditating. Watching videos and snoozing. I’m putting the finishing touches on the book that I wrote. I’m cleaning all the nooks and crannies of the flat. But none of that makes for an interesting blog. And even if it did, I’m aware of the humongous amounts of scary shit many people are going through, so it feels heartless to chatter on.

Being isolated, I do need to talk to people though, so I’m going to try and blog, then hope it provides some distraction or company for others and doesn’t annoy.

I’m going to carry on putting up interesting words and quotes, plus any photos from work I didn’t use. I hope you like those. And if I do have any thoughts or events worth sharing, I will.


Is anyone else enjoying the little moments of connection with strangers that happen in a crisis? Exchanges of raised eyebrows and grins when things go wrong. Or a shy smile when I step out of someone’s way so we can maintain space. When the big interactions stop, the little ones become more significant. Is this how we get communities?

Final words…

For all of you out there who are scared, lonely, in danger of losing a job or a loved one, my love goes out to you. I’m so sorry. I could well end up in the same situation soon, but while I’ve got things easy, feel free to vent.


26 thoughts on “I’m forgetting how to talk :D

    1. Hello, it’s good to hear from you! Is everything ok with you? Sometimes having a break can give your brain a rest, so I hope it’s for happy reasons 🙂


    1. I did join Instagram, but I wasn’t really sure what it was for! Is it just pictures? There seemed to be mostly selfies or products. How are you coping? I know you’re going through a lot right now (although not caught up on all of it) are you on your own? Look after yourself Boo xx

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  1. To laugh is doubly important at times like this. I don’t feel it’s disrespectful to the situation and the people caught within it, it is the necessary antidote. It is how I cope and I desperately hope nobody is annoyed by it. We are all scared, I think, but everybody is ready to smile when you pass on the daily walk. You’re right: small connections. Keep safe IB and just post. I NEED to know how you are doing 🙂

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      1. The little sheepy friend belonged to a colleague who likes to act tough (was a wrestler, in the navy etc) but when I went to his shed, this little fella was sitting there on his window sill. I knew he was a secret softie!

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  2. Personally social distancing is great with me. If we could do it without the virus that’d be better. And less restrictions on actually just going out in general obviously. But still, keeping away from people is fine by me. LOL

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    1. This whole situation will separate out the asocial from the social. Maybe the gregarious will end up all getting sick or crazy and us loners will have to save the day!

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      1. That’s a plot for a science fiction! Hey Petra! Are you on Facebook? I can add you friends list and we could chat on messenger or whatsapp. It must be crazy being isolated from the world, not going to work, not having flatmates. I hope you don’t get visits from your crazy Landlady though. Try using video calls to talk to long lost friends and cousin of cousins. It reduces loneliness. I’ve been doing that last year with great results.

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      2. Thanks for thinking of me Shaily, but no need to worry. I do talk to friends and family (although with conversations that wouldn’t interest anyone else on the blog) so I’m not totally isolated.
        I think talking to people on my blog has always been my favourite thing.
        I’m happy to be friends on Facebook (I’m Petra Jacob, has a picture of a monkey!) but it brings out the worst in me, so I don’t often go there. But blog chatting like this always helps me to feel connected. Maybe because everyone is lovely here 🙂
        How about you, do you have a lockdown? How is it affecting you?
        Stay safe (that’s becoming the sign off of the age, I think) xx


      3. I m not on FB much myself but that’s only social platform I know how to use. Twitter, I cannot handle.
        A guy in my town was stupid enough to not self isolate after returning from Dubai. He met 120 people. Now the city is on lockdown. It doesn’t affect me much since i don’t venture out much. I work from home. But the men in my family are frustrated beyond words.

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      4. Oof, I bet that guy isn’t popular. I’m glad you’re able to carry on ok. I hope your family are able to stay calm and it doesn’t get stressful living with them. Stay safe!

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  3. I’m finding more things on the shelf and calmness all around me as I shop practicing social distancing. I only watch streaming movies or stuff recorded on my DVR. I stopped tuning in on the media, as the coverage of COVID-19 has gotten bloviated. (see what I did there?)
    Still working…for now. The office that had 1600 people now has about 100. Unemployment is looming ahead along with a fresh month of bills. My writing diary is just about all I can pen for now. I bought paper towels without being the first one in line. Small victory.

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    1. 10 out of 10 for word use. I’m sorry your job is looking shaky, especially if you’re still going in. I hope the small victories keep coming for you, and maybe a few big ones too.


  4. Go for it, anything that helps to make connections even as you’re self-isolating: words of wisdom, definitions, jaunty rhymes and witty fictions, even nonsense will astound while fake news follows us around…

    I seem to have gone all poetic there but you get my drift. Please don’t socially isolate, let your thoughts permeate… 😁

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    1. I think the isolation is bringing out some poetry in you! I shall crush the isolation throughout the nation with the permeation of creation and… Nope, that’s it. I’ve never been good at poetry. 😀

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  5. Glad you’re back my inkbiotic friend. Well done on getting your book finished, it’s been a lot of work alongside your day job (which fascinates me – all those wonderful characters must turn up somewhere in your next book – if they’re not already in this one). Now the rewrites? Good luck with it and keep going! It must be very strange rattling about alone in your flat. I’m isolated, too, with a high risk partner. Divorce is not yet on the cards. I’m rewriting second book after a first professional edit – cutting and slashing my second born and dreaming hectically every night. Where will we all be this time next year – next month, even? The world will be different, if only we knew how… Keep on keeping on.

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    1. Hi Lynne, great to hear from you! Thanks for the encouragement. It’s exciting coming to the end of the book, although I know as soon as I finish I’ll need to get started on the next.
      I’m glad you and your partner are getting along, and keeping safe. I reckon this experience will make and break a lot of relationships, the changes will be individual as well and world scale. Sort of difficult to process.
      Good luck with your book. How did it go with a professional editor? Were they helpful? Did you agree with them?


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