My time well spent reading about people spending time well

I don’t know how I feel about the above achievement (sadly I don’t know the inspired artist/scientist who did it). I mean obviously I’m impressed, and jealous of that kind of commitment, but what are the practical applications? Could I cover my walls (which are a plain beige colour) with a million smileys? Would that make me happy Or would it be too much pressure to feel cheerful? – like being at a party where you’re the only one not enjoying it. They could make for a more subtle game of Where’s Wally. Presumably they could evolve over time, add a few details some hair. Can you think of any uses for 42 (I think) pages of smileys?

Things that have made me happy:

Next door’s three legged cat came to visit. He’s super fluffy, but kind of touchy since they chopped his leg off.

The toddler from downstairs came with her dad to play in my garden. It wasn’t a break in, I said a few days ago that they’re welcome to use it. It’s nice to do my garden for someone other than just me.

I did some exercise, it was awful, but it’s over now.


25 thoughts on “My time well spent reading about people spending time well

      1. No, not all of it. I just leave it now. As far as she’s concerned, they are her cupboards, as far as I’m concerned she a loony and I don’t want the trouble of arguing!
        How are you doing today? Are you feeling a bit better? Sending you a big hug

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  1. Did they mention the size of the smiley? I draw really huge ones. Anyway, I can only draw 10 smileys a day, max. So I’ll draw a line there 😀 Anyway, my pens have better use, like drawing Lions, crocodiles, elephants and honey bees. Together with my daughter, I may soon have a on-paper zoo with fire-salamanders and dragons (courtesy–Harry Potter). So, having just endless smilies is not the thing for me.


    1. A wildlife park covering the walls would be amazing! A lion poking out from behind a cupboard, a dragon on the ceiling so you can see his belly. You’re right, much better than smileys. But when do I get to see this menagerie??

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      1. I love the colours, I think the elephant and the jellyfish are especial favourites. It’s so cheerful, way better than smiley faces.


  2. What kind of exercise did you did? I feel the need to dance. Tripod kitty! I, too, have become sort of a voyeur…well more so hehe. I’m actually shocked at how warm it is because I went outside for the first time in two months, but it’s May so I mean why am I surprised?

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    1. I’m trying to keep it varied and in small doses (no more than 15 minutes at each thing). So I do aerobic style in the morning and then Tae kwondo (I learned this properly ages ago) and yoga in the afternoon. I seem to be doing enough to control chronic pain. I really hate it! I do it to videos. I literally need someone telling me what to or I give up, and even then I often stop and do a bit of a dance or a sit down sticking my tongue out at the instructor. 😀
      Are you able to do any exercise? I think with your illness it’s something you have to be really careful with, is that right? You can’t push yourself too hard. I remember when I was ill, I always got annoyed with myself for being so weak, which didn’t help at all.

      And yes! It’s summer now! Bloody hell!

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      1. That is actually really awesome. I have turned into a pile of mush that desperately needs to be molded :p I feel like I need direction, too. I used to go to a dance aerobics class. I would need to write up a schedule for myself to follow because if I don’t have a plan nothing gets done. I have friends holding classes on Zoom for zumba and yoga, so I’m thinking of doing that at some point. I think it would help both mentally and physically. I loved to dance and I think about routines of my own whenever I hear a good bop.

        I’m angry it got hot so quickly. Where was spring??? We don’t get that anymore where I am and it’s so annoying. We had maybe a week of 60-70 F weather (I think that’s around 25 C but I’m no good at those conversions lol) which is my favorite, but now it’s hot enough during the day that I’m worried about bugs flying in if we open the door to let the cats on the balcony. Boo.

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      2. It seems to be working so far! I’ve always hated exercise, so I thought if I stick to doing small amounts but twice a day, then at least I can tell myself it won’t last long. I think you’re right about the mental health thing too, especially with so much stress and gloom around. Dancing is great! I can’t do anything fancy like a routine, but I get the need to leap about to music sometimes. You should work out a routine! It could be the Coronavirus Cure Dance! The biggest problem will be the cats looking at you like you’re mad (but cats always do).

        I have to work in the heat in summer, and it’s tough, but the trick is drink lots of water and take lots of rests.

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      3. Yasssss, I was dancing to Madonna the other day because I’m an old dork lol. My cats have always been entertained by my antics so nothing new. They used to lay on my Dance Dance Revolution pad and pick some of the worst songs for me. The picture of them on it are quite adorable though.

        You have to stay hydrated in that situation!


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