little Corona life



The most interesting things of my day

Parent fox left the three cubs alone in next door’s garden where they climbed over each other for a while. I guess they’re getting big enough to be left alone.


Went to the little Sainsbury’s since it’s the only one that usually has a combination of food and no-queues winding up the street. Which was the case again.

I bought some veg and bread and milk and although there was someone at the checkout, I figured the self-checkout is fairer because it doesn’t put the cashier at risk. Anyway, I happily beeped through my items until I got to my loose potato. It has no bar-code, so I pressed the Look up other items button and Veg. No sign of potato. I pressed the Popular items button. No potato. I pressed the help button and a Sainsbury lady cautiously approached, I did my best not to breathe and explained about the lack of potato options.

The cashier shouted over from the tills, ‘You can’t buy a potato at that self checkout till. You have to use that one.’ He gestured at another self-checkout that was occupied. ‘Or this one.’ He gestured at his own till. The Sainsbury lady gave me a Whoops, that’s foolish! expression and I had a chuckle and then bought the single potato at the front till. It cost 39p.

It’s these little moments of the ridiculous that make my day.

Oh and the foxes.

Life’s entertainment has got much smaller, but I don’t think it’s got any less entertaining, although that might be my simple brain.

How about you? Any small moments that made you smile?


20 thoughts on “little Corona life

  1. My son forwarded a text message to me from my 89-year-old dad. It looked like this:
    Darnell. Will. U. Please bring. Me. A. Lof. Wheat. Bread your. Father
    Texting is not his best skill, or sending it to the right person. You gotta laugh.

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    1. Aw! He’s giving it a go. I don’t think my dad has ever succeeded in sending me a text message. I can’t be smug though, I have to keep asking people what the emoji i just sent them meant.

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      1. My father is rather tech-savvy. He owned a desktop back in year 2000. I learnt it 5 years later, after my 2 year old nephew shamed me by showing me how to open a music file and play games on desktop like a pro.

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      2. Kids know too much now! If they get sick of us they’ll be able to just shut down our technology until we learn to behave! 🀣


      3. 🀣🀣🀣 my own daughter is getting to that level, trust me. In another couple of months, she will add a parental lock to my phone to ensure only baby stuff is visible.

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  2. Hey Petra, I saw a small Dove chase a large Crow for like…2 minutes! It looked like they were playing tag.
    I also saw an Eagle catch a Lapwing right outside my second floor window. It was rather a sad moment because I had been trying to see Lapwings up close for 3 years. (They are pigeon-sized water birds.) And this particular Eagle is my favourite–it lives on the water tower in front of my house. So, I didn’t know whether to whoop at its victory or be saddened by the loss. The Lapwing had a mate that survived and went away calling out sadly, and that made it even sadder .
    But in the evening, I saw something I could never believe. A Lapwing attacked the Eagle relentlessly. Maybe he was the mate and had a death wish. But the Eagle did not respond. And people think birds are just…animals!

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    1. Woah! That all sounds amazing, like a nature film playing live. Where do you live?
      I wonder why the eagle ignored the attack, maybe he felt guilty.
      Few things more enjoyable than watching a nature drama πŸ™‚

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      1. I live it at Baghpat. It is in the Uttar Pradesh state of India. It is small district and has a feeling of an old Indian town. My home is close to the river Yamuna and the roads have some old trees that bring a lot of birds.

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      2. I think the Eagle might be used to such retaliations by now. I once found a small bulbul (indian nightingale) nest with eggs. When my brother tried to photograph it, the bulbul attacked him, a guy 100 times her size, until he got down the tree.

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  3. I’m not sure about what made me smile hugely but had some quiet satisfaction helping out local bookseller by wrapping online customer orders for the post — takes time and poor thing is rushed off her feet and anxious that her business built up over the years could be at risk.

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