Smile! No one can see it anyway!


wondermonger – one who promises miracles

vincible – that which may be overcome

Tried wearing a mask out today, but no one in my part of London is wearing one. It means everyone stares at me and i feel as if I’m the outsider insulting strangers with my foreign ways.

Some of you might remember me writing about being on a journey to work last year and some guy started acting like he was going to punch me. I still see him around. Sometimes he’s following people. One time he waved at me, so I waved back. He can be a bit scary, but clearly has serious problems to deal with, so I always wish him well (in my head anyway).

Today I saw him sitting on a mattress with a lady friend (who also had difficulties to deal with). They looked like they were having a picnic in the park – a couple of cans, some snacks, plenty of sunshine. Except they were at the side of a busy road on a mattress in the middle of a pandemic. They looked happy.

It’s not an ideal situation, but take your smiles where you can, I think.


10 thoughts on “Smile! No one can see it anyway!

  1. Sometimes a person with mental health issues may not have the same concerns as another person with sharper skills. People blissful with no worries seem to live a lot longer… if they don’t get hit by a car sitting on a mattress by the side of the road.

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    1. When I’ve seen him (and others) I’ve tried to work out what it must be like. Because I doubt he really understands what’s happening (even more so than the rest of us!) and there’s a blissful ignorance in that, but it makes him so much more vulnerable, when he has no sense of personal space.
      Sometimes this virus feels like it could end up as a cull of those who are ‘inconvenient’ or unnoticed in society. That would be horrific, but would the media even bother to report it? Would anyone outside of their families and friends notice?
      You’ve talked wisely about mental health before, is it something to do with your job?


      1. I have a challenged friend that I help from time to time. He is aware of Covid…and is working on a cure, which he plans to distribute at no charge. Main ingredient is chicken soup. Harmless, and it keeps him busy and bliss.

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    1. Ooh, that is weird! Keiron wasn’t based on him (or anyone) but they definitely have a similar sudden rage mixed with vulnerability.

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