Superhero in training…


There’s this guy that I’ve seen at the end of my road a few times and I’m trying to figure him out. He’s tall, good looking with little dreads and always wears shorts and a singlet. The first time I saw him was a few weeks ago, he was outside my house when I was on the other side of the road and he was sprinting up and down, as if in a very small race. The next time, a few days later, he was at the end of the road having a dance. There wasn’t any music playing, but he was boogying away. An older gentleman looked over as he passed and dreaded-guy gave a ‘Cuh! Funny old world, isn’t it?’ expression.

I saw him a few days ago standing on the steps of what I guess is his house, just up the road, which is a fairly normal thing to do. But the way he did it was just a bit too superheroey, you know? Hands on waist, scanning the street for trouble. It was spoiled briefly when a little old lady who I guess also lives there, asked him to move.

Then today I got a shock when I saw him four feet in the air. He was standing, steady as you like on a pavement bollard. I went to my doorstep and looked back and he was still there, but threw something (looked like a cape) to the ground and then leapt down.

Now bloggers, you’ve helped me before, what’s going on here? He doesn’t look distressed or unkempt in any way, in fact just the opposite. So is he:

  • A superhero in training?
  • An exhibitionist who is used to getting compliments, but is missing out due to covid?
  • A malfunctioning robot who’s escaped a lab?



43 thoughts on “Superhero in training…

  1. A Superhero in training, I would say. I did that for my office play around superhero school. You wear a cape, stretch your hands and run around like trying to fly. And then you stand on the stage a few above the audience and look around for trouble. Then you jump. And fly away. Fairly simple. Everyone should try it in lockdown. 🤣🤣🤣

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    1. See, people say ‘Learn to bake!’ or ‘Take up aerobics!’ in the lockdown, no one before had the sense to say ‘Practice to become a superhero!’ We need to spread the word.

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  2. Shaily’s obviously right. I hope that having leapt onto his cape he disappeared into a vortex which transported him directly into his lair (the house) where his super-mentor was preparing his super-tonic (tea) and energy source (double egg, chips and beans). It would be foolish to think otherwise…

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      1. Thank you, wise words. I’ll take plenty of chocolate with me and become some kind of god. Maybe a virus in a vortex is a good thing, like getting a kitten.

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      1. I’m always agreeable, aren’t I? 😉 I would love to know what levels lay between one and seven – are they marked by differently coloured leotards? – and particularly I would like to hear the wisdom you intend to impart, not to mention that if it’s so secret, what on earth are you doing imparting it?

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      2. Oh yes, I remember, it’s ME that’s not agreeable. And it will be fake secret wisdom, there’s loads of that – I think millionaires have been made of such stuff, and religions. I’ll get a superhero self help book.

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  3. A Super hero who can save humans from corona virus on this earth & a super hero who can take humans to other safer lands that may be other planets for time being… & reload them to earth after the corona crisis… as per present situation demands… A SUPER HERO…

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    1. Woah! That sounds amazing! We’re saved! I will have to take him some cake and say thank you. Maybe put some flowers on the post he stands on 😀


    1. Maybe that’s a double bluff and he’s pretending to be a superhero to throw people off the scent. Maybe he’s something even more incredible, like an ALIEN superhero. Don’t let logic blind you to the real truth, Darnell: an alien superhero is practicing standing on things at the end of my road. This is just the beginning.


  4. Maybe he’s practising odd behaviour for when lockdown ends because he wants people to continue social distancing? Of course it didn’t work with the little old lady who is his neighbour… I’d probably give him a wide berth, good-looking or not but I’m weird like that.

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    1. One of my favourite things about this virus is that I don’t feel rude when I give people a wide berth. Being asocial is now a lifesaver. Anyway, he can still practice as an alien superhero, which I have now realised, he definitely is 🙂

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  5. He is none of the things you list but something much, much weirder.

    I’m not saying he’s an alien, but he probably is an alien.

    But be careful. For the longer you look at the aliens, the aliens stare back at you. Or so friedrich Nietzsche says, that’s what he says right?

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    1. YES! That’s what I just realised too! (it’s in a reply to Darnell, I think) He’s an alien superhero. Definitely. And he’s here to save us from the virus, but got distracted by standing on things. Maybe he doesn’t have gravity on his planet. Now Neitzsche, was he the super-cynical one? Is he someone I can trust on alien lore?

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  6. Surely he’s a vet, the cap is actually to cover the cat to make it less stressed and he is on the look out to find the one that got away. Maybe his name is “Gary” and pronounced the the way they do on Only Fools and Horses.

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  7. I’m feeling very ignorant here, but how do they pronounce Gary on OFAH? Climbing is a good way to look for lost cats, but they’ll always be able to go higher, laughing all the way.


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