Found someone hiding…

model penguin hiding behind a shrub

My boss asked me to clear out a corner of the garden under some shrubs. Hidden away behind a wall, under a load of Fatsia leaves, I found this penguin. He was about knee height.

I asked my boss and she said that he was out in front of someone’s house a few years ago and she hid him. Apparently penguins are not appropriate for our gardens. I think he’s great, I shall be saying hello next time I’m there.


11 thoughts on “Found someone hiding…

    1. So, where would a penguin like to be? In a tree? On a wall? We’re quite short on snow at the moment. Maybe if I could find some other penguins around the estate πŸ™‚


    1. Maybe I should have brought the penguin home to go in my garden, but presumably it belongs to someone and I think it would have been tricky to smuggle it out.


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