Argh! Magical Death Weed SEEDLINGS!

Ok so, I think I’m pushing the scary-seed theme a bit beyond it’s ability to terrify, so this will be the last post on the subject until either a Triffid flower forms or it starts releasing toxic gas and I find lots of dead flies scattered around it.

For anyone who missed the hooha, here are my previous blogs on the subject:

Ahem. So the photo above shows the seedlings poking up from the mysterious Chinese seeds that I received. They look pretty much like normal seedlings. Those are just the seed leaves poking up, so I’ll have to wait a bit to see the true leaves and maybe work out what they are. No dead flies yet.

End of update! πŸ™‚

21 thoughts on “Argh! Magical Death Weed SEEDLINGS!

    1. I would call it Bruno after the great scientist who was hung…or crucified…or burnt for his theory about Earth revolving around Sun. He wasn’t in biology but my knowledge of scientific genius is rather limited.

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  1. It is a bigger problem if you aren’t finding flies around it. The Life of Pi had plant that ate animals with muscle and bone. i say check between leaves for remaining teeth…seems like they are hardest to digest.

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