Nature’s cute terrors

Sorry I’ve not blogged for a little while, sometimes I need to hide for a bit.

Anyway, our beloved foxes are still around. My boss put up a notice warning people not to feed the foxes. She put it in a non-scary, family-friendly way, because apparently my suggestion of ‘KILLER FOXES ON RAMPAGE! IF YOU SEE A FOX, RUN!’ was considered ‘inappropriate’.

Unfortunately she over-did the non scary, because we now we have children asking where the foxes are and if they can stroke them. I guess kids in Central London don’t get to see much nature.

Also, did anyone else have a ladybird swarm yesterday? To be fair, the swarm only consisted of about thirty scattered around our front and back door, but I don’t think I’ve seen more than a couple together before. And they were all different species too. This was a horror film possibility even Hitchcock didn’t imagine.

22 thoughts on “Nature’s cute terrors

  1. I remember a swarm of ladybirds on the beach at Burnham-on-Sea many years ago, maybe one warm September day, which our kids at first loved and then got spooked when they got everywhere and some even started biting…

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    1. Maybe it’s an evolutionary trait, but a few insects is interesting even cute, but once they start swarming they become disturbing. And of course once they begin to nip, you go off them completely!

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      1. Alfred Hitchcock was a famous English film director. He was famous for the film called “Psycho” and a scary bird film called “The Birds” He managed to get hundreds of birds of different species to flock together while filming the movie. 😊

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  2. Hi Petra, Welcome back to the world of living. Sorry to burst your horror-possibility bubble, but Lady bugs are only mildly poisonous if eaten–you might vomit or feel nauseous. So, don’t eat them and you should be fine, unless you are allergic to them, in which case, you might begin sneezing and be carted off to hospital for COVID test, God forbid.

    It is weird but one of my cousins is allergic to Sunlight. He had to give up Cricket and anything outdoors in order to stop having boils all over his face. So, if you can be allergic to sun, what chance does a ladybug have?

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    1. You see, you tell me there is no horror, but then you tell me at least one scenario where I could end up dying, that’s not reassuring at all! 😛

      I used to work with a Kenyan woman who was allergic to sunlight. It sounded awful, with tales of hiding under any shade she could find until dark because she forgot her medicine. She solved this by moving to Paris and then to England. Our sun is weaker than a ladybird!

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